I'm near 40. Not trying to sound stupid, but my age is usually guessed at least 10 to 15 years younger than I am. I take care of myself and have a baby face, so I'm told. I have not a lot but a decent amount of younger women trying to come home with me. My problem is I don't get turned on unless a girl is much younger than me and incredibly hot and it bothers me because that's not what I want. I mean I want to be turned on by intelligence and maturity and that's not how it happens regardless of what I think. I keep dreaming of young teenagers who want to f*** me and even though I have a couple who are, I mean I can't help but think that it's wrong. what do I do?

Nov 9, 2014

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  • You're trying to think with both heads at once, and neither one well. Good luck with that.

  • Understandable and it's fine. I'm in my 40's and know and date a lot of hot, beautiful, younger women in their 20s. Youngest I've been with was 21, but, it bears saying that she looked much older, was a god-given beauty, and, is now modeling, as everyone told her to do. I thought she was at least 28 the first time I met her.

    Sometimes, even attractive women my own age don't turn me on, unless I'm thinking of or they remind me of one of my younger associates. Know I should be with women of my own age range and stage of life, but..The younger ones go for me and get me going, sexually.

    Whenever a new girl starts working at the sports bar I go to, and, she's hot (they usually are, but not always), I befriend them, put the charm on, and go for them. It's kind of like easy shopping. Came close to fking a thin, wrong sides of the tracks-type, but hot girl of 20 a few months ago, but chose not to. Pretty girl, and got me going, but..Looked much younger. Made me feel like I'd be nailing a girl of about 15. Had to decline that one.

  • It's not wrong.. I'm a teen girl and have a young bf .. But I love fun with older men and have been with many much older men and have no plans to stop ..

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