My story is very short.

My story is very short and not much a logical ... but it had a great impact on my life.
Three years ago, I went to McDonald's at my lunch break.
Two girls were standing after me and when I turn around the drink fell, and some were spilled on the floor.

The blonde girl was looking at me and pointed down to her shoe.
She commanded me with a strict tone "clean it up!"
I looked at her, put the tray on the table and dropped down with one knee.
I cannot explain why I did it, but I did.
I used my shirt sleeve and cleaned her shoe.

I looked up, and she was staring at me with a very satisfied smile.

That moment I fall in love with her.

I did not talk with her after and when she left I never saw her again.
I came several times to that branch just to see if she is there.

I think about her from time to time, and I dream she is dominating me. I really fell in love with her.

All I know that her name is Jessica, because I heard her friend saying her name that time.

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I really need advice for a friend

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  • Your a sub.

  • You're one **.
    A woman's place is on her back or in the kitchen
    You should have grabbed a feel.of.her ** and asked what colour her bush was.

  • Sexism much?

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