I can't believe i did this

I'm a 34 year old female. I'm 5'5" 110 pounds. I have always been skinny. I have little b****** but I think I have nice butt.

My boyfriend has a strong personality and I am crazy about him. I do whatever he tells me to do and it turns me on. I never want to disobey him.

One summer night on our way home from the movies he was being his normal quite self when without even looking at me said "take off your clothes". Without question I did throwing my clothes in the back seat I sat with my hands in my lap and said nothing. We turned off the main road down a semi busy side road Where he pulled over.

When he stopped the car he turned to me and said "get out!" I was stunned but I opened the door and stepped out on the grass. I stood there waiting for what was next. "Close the door" he ordered. When I did he drove off leaving me naked on the side of the road. I watched as he drove down the street and turned. I was confused and my mind was racing. I could feel the heat building between my legs. I dont know how long I stood there but a few cars drove by and saw me And then my boyfriend pulled up and told me to get in. When I did he asked me why I didn't try to hide or cover up and I heard myself say "you didn't tell me I could."

He took me home and the s** was awesome. It was so hot. What is wrong with me?

Feb 11

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  • You are thrilled by not knowing what's next.
    And you are a major MAJOR adrenaline junkie. And you enjoy the excitement of being completely exposed. All of that is fine. HOWEVER, you must not EVER put yourself --- or allow anyone else to put you --- in a position where you could be harmed, physically or emotionally. You have to establish better boundaries. And you have to end your relationship with that monster/A-hat you're dating. He's using you and the abuse will never end: it's just going to get worse, as his own thrill-seeking nature raises the stakes after each new abuse. Ideally, you should go see a therapist and try to rid yourself of the thinking patterns and practices that allow you to be taken advantage of by the narcissists in the world. Please stop what you're doing, dump the sick-as-h*** boyfriend, and get some professional help.

  • And it was an incredible rush. My boyfriend has always had my best interests in mind. This was my doing. After a talk I confessed that I have submissive tendencies and he was helping me understand my limits. We haven’t found them yet.

  • You sound like 14 yo stupid girl who was about to get gangraped

  • I hope that he could keep up with you-keep us informed about your experience

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