Am i spoiled?

So basically me my mom and two siblings have always lived with my grandparents for the past 15 years (im 15) and my dad doesnt pay the amount of child support hes supposed to and my mom works under the table for about 20 n hour so were on EBT. i had an eating disorder from 12 to still now but im handling it because my mom lets me take are food stamp card once a week and spend 130-150 and groceries that are actually good for you and wont make me panic and throw it up lmao. my grandma is kind of a disabler and is overly generous and gets food at the store and cooks for my siblings and usually my mom without even asking them if they need it.( and its always bread,fried stuff, almost never vegetables) and shes done that the whole time my moms been living there as a parent so my mom never got used to food shopping and cooking and doesn't exactly need to use the card constantly. but i didnt wanna keep starving myself so i did a ton of research and i eat perfect now and im not stressed but i feel guilty and spoiled for using the card for myself i mean i use the food to cook and make lunches for the kids when no body has time but my dad tells me im spoiled for it being able to do my own grocery shopping and i guess i wanted other people opinion its just really bothering me. i definitely wont use the card forever when i get a job makin my own ill be spending it on food thats really all i want anyway

Feb 11, 2021

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  • You are farthest from being spoiled. Don’t listen to your sperm donor

  • You're not spoiled. There is nothing to feel guilty about. You need the help and you're not abusing it. And you have a good attitude about it all. So, don't worry.

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