Your gay

Admit it your gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • Actually I'm bi

  • AM GAY but never said word but i think people knows i act str8

  • No, you're gay.

  • I'm a gender fluid pansexual marrying a bisexual trans man

  • Nothing wrong with being gay,I have gay friends both guys and girls. I am not gay but bi-sexual and so is my wife.

  • You’re*

    Being gay is not cool. Come on man!

  • F****** s*** shaggers are NOT ok.

  • Agreed. Faggots are not f****** normal !!!
    Q**** bastards !!!

  • 😔😔 fine

  • No I am a sissy coward girl trapped in a male body

  • Keep your thoughts to.yourself f***** or a normal bloke like will punch your likes out.
    I hate queers. You are all mentally sick.

  • You only hate queers cause someone in your family had their way with you as a child and because you liked it, you feel embarrassed and less of a man deep down.

  • Go f*** yourself f*****.
    The last q**** that tried it on with me after too much alcohol needed to visit his dentist.

  • Your projection is duly noted.

  • I’m not projecting. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m gay and cruise kindergarten playgrounds looking for ‘veal’. Not a big deal.

  • WHAT. THE. F***. F***. YOU. PEDO.

  • Unlike your mental condition?

  • Tell us more, pedophile.

  • It’s not pedophilia if the person I’m s******’ is unconscious!!


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