Pic's of my wife

From time to time my wife would layout topless in our back yard, and would tend to the garden in a loose top without a bra. I loved this and at one point started taking pic's of her.
After sometime I printed the pic's that came out best. I enjoyed the fact that she would do this, she knew we had know one who lived close enough to even notice her doing any of this.
While away for work for a few days I could look at her pics and think of how much I wanted to get back home to not only see her but to feel her hole body.
While on my way home I stopped for gas I had one of her pics on the seat next to me. I went in the store as the guy was filling my tank, while paying I looked out the door to see the attendant looking in my truck window. My first thought was oh s***. I paid and got out to my truck by then he was helping someone else, I got in and waited to pay him for the gas. Now this was a place both my wife and I had been to before.
He came over took my card and in a moment came back and said, here you go can I ask you something? Sure what's? Is that your wife in the picture. Yes it is, sorry it was a long drive I forgot to put it away. Don't think about it that's a great picture, I have seen her before, she always look nice, but I never new how. Thanks I think so. So once in a while I will stop in and show him a new pic. He is always happy when he see's her and she has know idea how much he has seen of her.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • Your wife has udders!

  • I would love to show guys pictures of my wife but it’s not as easy as it sounds without them thinking your crazy

  • I usually tell them they are from a vacation (which usually they are) and btw some might be her sun tanning nude (or a similar story) in case folks don't want to see them - personally it is more fun to show other ladies...

  • I too enjoy taking pics of the wife. Unfortunately there were no smart phones back when she looked her best. Now I still take pics but she always looks like she wishes I would not take them. I never thought about sending pics of her to other guys but have wished some of the guys would send me pics of their wife. I do have 1 pic of a 40 year old and she is very attractive, especially naked!
    I tried taking pics of her when she wss unaware that they were being taken. That is such a turn on. Maybe try that and send them out to guys and see what response you get!

  • Me too ODLaner79@protonmail.com

  • Wow that is so sexy.

    The thought of other men looking at pics of me would make me so h****.

    You should tell her and take one of her bent over in the garden with her bush exposed

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