Can u make fun of me?

I'm skinny and I want to eat healthy and exercise but I don't have any motivations, I tried searching for some motivations but none of those help me so I think the only thing that can help me is someone to make fun of me or bully me. I don't want any humble reply's just be mean to me fr. I have bad posture, skinny legs, long hair, long face, smells some times and zombie face. Fun fact I'm a swimmer a year ago ..

Feb 14, 2021

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  • Hmmm. I'm guessing you are an angst ridden teenager, because I'm not sure I completely understand your problem. Perhaps you should just clear your your mind through a vigorous daily exercise of m***********.
    Good luck to you

  • The first is you, if your body doesn't respond even after 100 people will be invited to many activities. Because you searching for some motivations. Not Attract.
    You want someone to take you on an activity, people around you can guide you through the activities you create, create interesting ways just by looking. Ask others to build and make it what you want, something to be pleasing and stimulating. But the lack of gravity really attracts the internal gravity. After a while it will be boring. Don't force yourself to try to do something from the urge. Creation from others is created. A boring activity. It doesn't help with power, it doesn't respond emotionally, doesn't want to do it anymore. If the impulse is exhausted, then another stimulus must be created ... Unlike when we have an attraction from something that does not have to be created from outside But it's the inner energy that stimulates the senses, the energy, the joy, the brilliance, the automatic energy ... I think you must have gravity ... If we have gravity.Even the things in the bed will be excited. Wonder if a magnet is needed.

  • Magnet? Maybe just a bottle of Vodka..

  • Mojito and Tequila are the magnets. Not bottom Vaska.

  • Same idea

  • Liar.

  • I did some thinking a day ago and I came to think that I should do it for myself not for others, I really enjoyed doing what I do now...

  • “I did some thinking a day ago...”
    THAT was your first mistake.

  • Sure , two days ago we felt an earthquake probably u slipped from stairs like a ball

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