** Got My Friend Arrested

I'll be the first to admit that we can be bit destructive when it comes to just breaking random stuff out in the woods but we all agreed to not touch anything personal or expensive like cars or windows. Now this couple lives right along the woods and often the wife would often see us running around and yell at us.

About a month ago, it was late at night maybe 2 or 3 AM, we didn't want to take the long way around to go into the woods so we hopped her fence and she must have seen coming up because when we got over the first fence she was ready to yell at us for being in her backyard. The next morning a friend texted me saying that another friend got arrested and that ** was pressing charges for destroying her back fence. Someone had spray painted a ** on her fence and she just called out a random guy because he usually does have cans on him. ** had no proof and just started pointing fingers.

The husband just sits and minds his own business so I'm like ** this **. Call me a home wrecker but I felt like I needed to "compensate" the husband for having such a bitchy wife. Now I'm no model or anything but I do consider pretty attractive. All it took was to watch the ** leave, a somewhat revealing top and a knock on the door and some seductive talk and it was real easy. 15 minutes I was in and out. Of course, I could get into detail but the ** was pretty basic. No surprise but far from the worst.

As for my friend he was released the next day with no charges cause again, no proof.

Feb 14, 2021

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