My wife was asked out by a stranger

I don’t know how to tell my wife that it would be a huge turn on for me and that she is allowed to see other men

Feb 16, 2021

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  • My wife works in an office, her job is to accept and inventory deliveries. One guy comes in every week, and he flirts with her mercilessly, he also asked her several times for a date, she always told him no because she is married. He said he wouldn't tell, they just laughed.
    Then she told me about him, and said it was a good thing we were married or she would take him up on it.
    I told her to go for it if she wanted to, she gave me an odd look but said nothing.
    Then one day my phone rang, she asked if she could be late getting home. I asked why, she said he asked again and she would "maybe" like to, just to see what happens.
    I told her she already knew what would probably happen, she then asked if she could go.
    So, I said yes, but just come home to me. She got home at midnight and looked like she was rode hard and put away wet. But she showered and hopped into bed with me, we have a good time.
    Now she goes over to his motel room about once a month, I have been trying to get her to let me watch.
    She always gets a good time, and she always comes home hot as a pistol after those illicit sessions.

  • My wife has been asked out by many men but what i don't know is how many times she has said yes.

  • My wife never refuses a dare. I want to see her with another guy. So I dared her to actually go through with it. She finally agreed to do so. Now just looking for the right guy to Rock her world hard

  • My wife often goes on dates and tells me where there gone and i follow and watch . its turn on.. she never has s** with them but they do kiss and touch . later after the date i f*** her . telling her to think its her date . . loves it

  • You are no different to most men. It’s a real thrill when it happens

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