Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just 49 years old. She has been married to her husband straight out of school followed by births of numerous children.

Whenever I'm near her I can't help but find myself staring at her and unable to break my gaze. I can't help but feel attracted towards her, iv often heard it been said that there is one fetish or desire that would lead you to risk everything, I believe that to be this woman.

Possibly a mutual attraction? I wouldn't describe myself as a bad looking gent. I would often catch her across the room at the corner of my eye look at me and when I would look she would break her gaze. I find it often she will strike conversation with me about the silliest of things. In the past she has complimented me on my choice of clothing, aswell on another occasion to my wife about my looks, and to myself about my weight and build. One day upon visiting the wife's family home, she had to run some errands so I waited in the home as she went about town. Her mother was home along with her father who was popping in and out of the garden. On the little time we had alone I rubbed by manhood through my pants to get him hard, to see if my MIL would notice, I pretended to be reading an article in the newspaper as she walked from the other end of the room I saw her look in my direction and then quickly she became flustered and red faced and began moving some stuff about the place.

One time when my wife's family were having a party and the drinks were flowing, both my wife and MIL were outside talking I joined them to lead them back to the party as it was quite chilling, I grabbed my wife's ass in a moving motion but I also did to my MIL, I expected a reaction but nothing she either didnt feel it due to the alcohol or just chose to ignore it.

Another occasion was when we were visiting her parents and the time had passed quite fast before realizing the drive back home was too long that late at night, so we stayed the night. It was late at night just past midnight and all were asleep as there was no noise in the house. My wife and I became quite aroused through making out and we had a good hard session for about 30 minutes, totally lost in the moment oblivious to the noises we were creating. I got dressed and went down the hall to the kitchen to get some water. On my way back to the bedroom passing my parent in laws room which was adjacent to the room I and my wife were sleeping in, I heard s** noises that had clearly just began, had my MIL become aroused from our sounds? There had been other times the mother in law have heard me and my wife having s**, she has often related it as a joke to my wife, such as "I heard you" "getting a seeing to"


Feb 19, 2021

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  • Another update. We were staying at the father and mother in law's place. They have sort of a static home in the rear garden. The wife had left laundry in the house to be cleaned. Couple of hours later my wife and I were f****** pretty hard, wife was moaning real loud, now that I think about it I'm sure anyone walking by near outside could possibly hear. The mother in law came to the door. Supposedly she knocked a couple of times, eventually she just opened the door and we were still midfucking when she called out to us and said I'm just leaving these by the door.

    Later that afternoon she made the joke with my wife that she knocked and knocked. My question is it was clear to her we were f****** why not just go away rather than open the door. Is it possible she was hoping to catch me naked?

  • I was visiting just a couple of days ago. The laundry had just finished and when she placed them on the counter to be sorted she just randomly left these pair of lacy black lingerie to one side seperate from the clothing in front of me and continued with folding the rest of the clothing and didn't even bat an eyelid, although she did look in my direction once. Was such a turn on I could only picture her wearing the underwear.

  • I married young and my mother in law was always a lovely woman . she was in her late 40s . blonde . curves ud die for . u could see she was a looker in her day .anyway she always liked me and often took my side if my wife and i had rows . then 2years ago my wife left me and i was very upset . my mil was very supported of me and often come visit .one night she called unexpected and we had drink and i thanked her and gave her a hug . holding her was unreal .and i kissed her . the kiss didnt stop .next we were undressing and i lay her back kissing her body till i came to her panties . i pulled them to the side n placed my head between her legs and licked her real slow making her moan . tasting her honey . she put her hand on my c*** n slided it into her p**** . she pulling me in deep . c** inside me she said n i exploded filling her .

  • Believe me, she is aware of everything from the first moment.
    It's no coincidence that it happened to her just when you were together and alone. She wants it more than you.

  • Do all older married women fantasize about being f***** by a younger good looking guy?

  • Sweetheart

    Some fantasize. But I make it a reality.

  • Go get her. I'm sure she will thank you for the new experience with another man.

  • Just today we were visiting her, i was in the laundry room, she came in to do some laundry while I was there and she bent over and her jeans slipped down and her underwear came out. I can feel when my trousers has slipped on my rear, but she continued for about 5 seconds like nothing happened and even when she stood up straight she didn't pull her jeans up instantly

  • Sweetheart,

    She knew what happened. Women are much more aware of such things than a man.

    She wanted you to notice or do something.

    You need to find a time when you can tell her in private that you saw her panties today and that you wanted to tell her when it happened but all you could think of is how pretty they were and how much you wanted to see them on the floor.

    You need to say that before she starts to think you are not interested!

    If you tell her what I instructed above I guarantee she will be excited that you noticed and will find a way to get you to come over to carry out a chore or two around the house and make sure you get your chance to see those panties on the floor as you wished.

  • Would you say that she is teasing me? Honestly I wanted nothing more than pull her jeans and panties straight down and get behind her.

    But to be quite honest I'm intimidated by her to an extent, she's a very beautiful woman, I'm afraid to make a wrong move or say the wrong thing and have it all backfire, she strikes my at times as bit of a prude as she has only ever been with her husband sexually and relationship wise.

  • Darling, there is no doubt she is “teasing” you.

    The fact that she has only been with one man is more the reason for her pinned up sexual desires.

    Do tell her that you noticed and that it took every once of strength within you to keep from acting on your desires.

    Do so in a sexy way like by whispering it into her ear while you give her a hug.

    Is she still married to your wife’s father or has he passed away? If he is still there it may be more difficult for her to act on her mutual desires but if he is gone I bet she will drag you off to the bedroom at once.

    Let me know how it goes. I’m actually a bit jealous of her. I hope my daughter finds a man like you

  • Ask your Wife what her fantasies are. If you gauge she's serious, then tell her about yours.

  • If your lucky you might get to do both in a mother/daughter 3 way

  • Wow! I think she wants you.

    You should not disappoint her. I bet if you make her “happy” you will quickly become her “favorite”

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