Asked to dinner but I'd have to wear a dress!

I’m 16 and this guy in my class asked me to dinner at a country club with his family on Valentine’s Day. He’s a nice guy but said I’d have to wear a dress! Said he’s wearing a coat and tie and something like it’s a formal place and women wear dresses or pants suits and NO flip flops! wtf!
I normally wear a t-shirt with leggings and flip flops and he said this place might not let me in. wtf! This place needs to be reported to the police!
His mom and sisters invited me to spa day that morning too! wtf!
I told him to f**k off!!

Feb 21, 2021

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    You haters have issues judging others! You post I'm a bad person, read your own comments! I'm also not a lesbian but what if I was?

    This is a free country and no place should make someone wear something they don't want to. It's not right to say if you don't like the rules then don't go. They shouldn't have the rules to start with!
    Going to a spa and being forced to wear a dress to dinner only degrades women! We are not an object! We are powerful women and deserve to look and wear what we want!

    I'm glad I did what I did! Said what I said! My friends the guidance counselor agree with me! Women are not property and should be able to wear what we want!!! My generation is going to change the world!

  • Hopefully the boy has learned that you are too trashy and low class to invite to anyplace nice.

  • Glad you showed him what type of person you are.... so he wouldn't waste his time. Some people are so stupid, they don't realize the magnitude of it.

  • Omg took words out of my mouth.

  • Class is something many people think they have and very few do really have it.
    A Rich man can say he has it but it could be the poorest man can have the most of it. Class is something that you can not buy, it is the way you are...
    So it looks like your out of luck unless you open your mind and close your mouth!!!!!

  • It could have been really fun. Dressing up once in a while won't kill you. I doubt he wears a jacket and tie every day. If the thought of having to dress in a civilized way freaks you out that badly then perhaps the two of you aren't meant to be anyway.

  • Stop being a lazy @ become a woman

  • F*** off and due f*****.
    The original poster is obviously not comfortable in the company of queers.

  • Close your mouth, put on a dress, pull on a pair of pantyhose and stylish shoes, do your hair and makeup carefully then try to participate with an open mind. You might learn some things about other people and how to accept them, unless being a foul-mouthed brat in flip-flops is your life's ambition.

  • Another f****** q**** c*** !
    This chap was right to tell his bent classmate to f*** off.
    I'd probably have punched him in the mouth .

  • Are you simple? The poster is a girl! Why would the mother and sisters invite a guy to a day spa? THAT would be weird.

  • Good for you for tellin' him to f*** off after that👍!

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