Sneaking out

I’m a 28 year old middle school teacher that’s had zero luck with guys. Doug’s a guidance counselor at the same school and his mom volunteers often. She’s the sweetest woman in the world and played matchmaker. Doug and I started dating last November and became exclusive. Doug moved in with me during the April lockdown because his parents wifi and bandwidth was slow.
I KNOW, 31 and still living with ‘mom & dad’ that should have been the first clue. When he got to my place, it was like a college guy moving into a dorm. He had a small back pack of cloths, numerous grocery bags full of frozen junk food and a bunch of hard cases filled with gaming stuff. xbox, VR goggles, headphones and a @%$#$ GAMING CHAIR! WTF! Two weeks passed and he was still on his computer gaming. He was eating junk food, drinking Red Bulls and not showering. I was at the point of being frustrated! I’m from South Carolina and raised not to be a b**** but DAMN!!
I was starting to get frustrated then out of the blue, Trent sent me a text
“Hey U”
Oh boy, here we go again. That’s his way asking me for a booty call and knows I won’t turn him down. Trent and I dated ‘off and on’ at Clemson. We were ‘ON’ because he’s hot, I can’t resist his blue eyes AND fun to hookup with! We were ‘OFF’ because he’s a ‘player’ and liked getting side-play. We stay in touch and hookup 3 to 4 times a year.
I made him wait 15 minutes. Actually, I was in my bedroom digging out a VS bra and panties and changing into his favorite dress. TMI: I also needed time to smooth the vayjay. While stuffing a change of cloths (shorts, t-shirt & flip flops in a large purse). Yes, I’ve done the walk of shame many times and now I know better. lol I sent. “WYD?” He replied, “Waiting on you.” I sent a winking emoji and ’be there in 10 minutes.’
I almost told Doug I was going to the neighbor’s house but I decided to tell him nothing and see if he noticed.
On the way, I stopped at a drive through quick stop and picked up a six of his favorite Blue Moon. We waisted no time getting busy. He pounded me hard & I spent the night.
Drove home the next morning around 10am. Doug was still gaming! Gave Trent the DL on the situation, he suggest I try the ‘naked challenge’ with Doug. Got out of the shower and walked around naked. All I got was, “Hey when you get dressed. Can you warm up a Jimmy Dean for me?” Normally, I would be offended but after the night I had with Trent, I took him a Jimmy Dean and began texting Trent. Told him what happened and I need another hookup and SOON! I kept sneaking out to hook up with Trent for the next two weeks.
Funny: Doug broke up with me in May and moved out! It was perfect! My router slowed down and the internet company put me ‘on the list’ for a repair visit. At the same time, I stopped buying his Jimmy Dean and Hot Pockets.
During June & July, Trent and I hooked up A LOT! Whew! With Doug gone, Trent stayed with me and we Netflixed & chilled A LOT! Then I’d cook him fresh crepes’ in the morning. I see no future with Trent he’s cocky and arrogant but DAMN he’s HOT and FUN!
btw: Doug and I never had s**!

Sep 28, 2020

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