3k Before Christmas

Now normally I would NEVER do this but this guy legit offered me 3k just to f*** him.

So because of COVID I didn't have my job so that means obviously, no money. I only had about 1k in savings and really couldn't spend it. Call me cheap, whatever, I needed money. I'm a very big family person so I REALLY wanted to get Christmas g*fts. Nothing big, just something for my dad, mom and brother. On the 13th of December, I got a text from my friend saying, "Hey I know you need money. Text this number" So I'm thinking it's just a quick job my friend found for me. So I text it and a few back and forths later he says, "I'll be blunt. I am looking for a girl to spend 1 night with me for some money" And as I am typing NO WAY he continues "I'm willing to part with 3k". As I read that I'm thinking wait... it's only 1 night and that covers me for well over a month AND Christmas. I spent the day thinking about and I texted him back saying yes. He already had told me he was older, 68. Didn't live too far away so I could uber. So that next Friday comes, I uber to his place that night and he was nice enough. One of those harmless old guys you'd see just chilling on the front porch.

We talked for a bit and found out he did it cause his wife had passed away the year before and just needed someone around. I felt really bad cause here I am just wanting some money. Later we get into his room and we do what we wanted to do. Started with me blowing him and letting him come on my face, letting him f*** me doggy. Guy did his best and that's really all you could ask for. By the time we were done he wrote out a check for 3k and I got my uber home

Am I a bad person? Does this make me a w****? I've been sitting on these thoughts for a while now.

Feb 23, 2021

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  • You are an awful person and gross

  • I think you are doing a great service and should feel good about yourself. I was 67 and my wife was 71 when she passed away. I've since found a wonderful escort and we have a relationship like you have described. My neighborhood can be a little gossipy so I have her arrive twice a week wearing nursing pants and shirt with a stethescope around her neck and a small medical bag. When she gets inside the door the pants and shirt come off to reveal nothing but crotchless pantyhose and a thin, silky, see-through bra. She is the best! Once the neighbor across the street inquired about my home health care visits and I told her my doctor ordered infusion therapy twice a week for a condition I had and it seemed to be keeping me alive and functional. I laugh to myself when I think how much better I feel after every "infusion."

  • Last $3k ever! Enjoy it!

  • Iv been house cleaning for an older man for a few years now, he pays me extra to watch him w*** n on the odd occasion i let him lick me out n c** on my t***. Its a service and as long as ur both happy its fine

  • Nope, nothing wrong with what you did. The guy obviously very much enjoyed it. I am a mid 60s married man and I've paid many girls for s**. I've tried the dating sites and it is a lot of work for an older guy to find women that want s**. So after meeting 15 women that way, I've switched to the escort sites and it works way better. I am getting what I like, the girl seems to enjoy her time and comes out of it with some money. It is a win/win.

  • You must be reading my mind. I've done the same thing for 20 years. I was forty-four when I started and it has been helpful to me because my wife had lost most of her interest in lovemaking. We've been married 46 years, wonderful grandkids, etc. Like you, I'm getting what I like and need, and stimulating the economy. I have great respect for the women who provide these escort services.

  • No you’re not a w**** you did that old man a huge favor. You earned a little bit of money but it wasn’t a bad experience from how you explained it. I would feel like you did a public service. I’d consider going around to visit that guy again. Either for free or not I’m sure he’d like to see you again either way.

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