Sis Got A Car From Dad

My sister is admittingly pretty slutty. Brings home a guy every 2 weeks or so and it's usually pretty late. It's just my dad, sister and myself that live at my place since our mom passed away 2 years ago.

My sister had turned 18 a few months ago and not to my surprise I got home pretty late and I could hear her moaning from her bedroom. I went looking for my dad in his room to give him back his key cause I was using his car. I didn't find him in his room so I called out to him and just at that moment I heard the noise from my sisters room stop. So I went up stairs and as I'm heading up I hear a door open downstairs and didn't find him anywhere up stairs. I come back downstairs I see him on the couch which is right by the front door. I asked where he was and he said he was in the bathroom. In my mind I know that's bullshit cause the downstairs bathroom door was open when I first walked by it. I gave him back his keys and headed to my room and it's on the way to my sisters room which just so happens to be open now. I look in see her fixing her hair. No words were exchanged but she knew I knew what she was up to.

A few days later, magically a car showed up in the driveway with her name on it. I don't even know what do even do about this but to just accept it.

Feb 23, 2021

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  • Lynn here. I been my Dad's lover since I was 13 now 45. I have complete control over him. So much so that I got him to divorce Mom. She never wanted s**, but I willingly let him f*** my brains out.

    We are rich and I never had to work a day in my life and I'm treated like a princess by Daddy. S** is incredible and I have every luxury you could imagine.

    I fell in love with Daddy, at 12 . I knew about s** as I watched Dad's p*** videos and the first time I saw his c*** I wanted to feel it in me.

    So in love. So blessed. So happy.

  • If this is real, that's a very unique life you must lead. Can't generalize a situation as sometimes what seems negative can actually be positive for those invovled

  • Im 36 and have been having s** with my dad since i was 13. Noone knows and honestly its the best s** iv ever had. Sounds like ur sister is doing the same. Its ok

  • Brilliant

  • I've you're dad is looking to give out more cars have him email me. catiecums at yahoo dot com

  • She must be hot but dad wow

  • Wow gad having s** with sister

  • Leave

  • Thats so hot

  • That is not cool girl I would be not living with my dad he should not be doing that with your sister she is probably scared and doesn’t know what to do kick dad out and get a therapist for u and your sister

  • Oh she's like me and my dad just love to f*** all the time my p**** so wet right now only m********* for your little incest hater you're just a big masturbator aren't you a little f****** girl you little f****** pork chop Sally oh my p**** so wet Daddy I'll come f*** me oh Daddy Daddy you f**** yo f**** incest hater let's go f****** m********* your f****** dog blow him off you little f****** h***

  • I’m sorry, that’s so messed up. Be strong, get a job and get you own staff. Some things you can’t control, so control what you can. Get yourself together and get out of that environment because he will come after you next.

  • You should f*** her too

  • Lol

  • Some fathers and daughters have s**. Don't worry about it and certainly don't say anything.

  • Catch them in the act and get your own car ! Lol

  • Seriously

  • H***, make it a threesome

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