Are we living in women dominated society?

My wife is boss. She knows how to control me mentally, physically and Se*ually.
Last few years she started dominating me on bed and have complete control.
When I am angry on her she makes me cool wearing hot outfits, make me arouse and gain the control of my di*k.
When she grab it, I completely surrender.

When I see my friends around , I have a feeling that they are also petty much going through the same.

Are we already into female dominated society?

Next Confession

Little girl **

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  • Whatever kinks you're into is fine but it ** me off when people say things like "female dominated society" no women are still fighting for basic equality. I know you meant it in a ** way but women are still being r@ped and harassed and payed less on a daily basic so this is anything but a female dominated society.

  • Women don't want equality, they want power

  • No, it is just you.

  • My Wife owns me and controlls me completely. No ** for me, just for her. I am her slave. My every thought is under her control. My only desire is to become nothing more than an extension of her will.

  • I am a slave to my women, I am possessed. My wife makes me do everything for her in return for sexual thanks. I can't ever turn her down. Our ** life has turned into ** too, she ties me, controls my ** even walks me on a lead following her in the sexiest high heels. She can make me ** within seconds or makes me wait until I blow everywhere. Recently she has started prostate massages and teases me about my sexuality and that she controls me.

    My boss also dominates me but not in the same way but still using sexual suggestion, she dresses more seductively for our individual weekly meetings, she has noticed me staring at her high heels and so now dangles them in my view. She now touches my upper leg as we talk and I think she can see my ** twitching. She does all of this to get me to do the stuff she hates doing. I hate it too but I have to obey her.

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