His idea, I just went with it.

My husband and I have always had a great marriage. We still have s** often enough, just not as exciting as it once was. We had been together for 15 years so that might sound normal for most.
We went out to dinner one night and I had a few drinks so I was relaxed and enjoying the night, I brought up the my thought of some how spicing up our s** life, he was happy with the idea and had said that it might fun if I went braless more often. Now I am in good shape, I workout 4 days a week and still wear skirts and dresses often because he has always loved my legs. I on the other hand never gone braless because I have felt with a B cup just not a hole lot to show, I think it is a nice B cup, just not much.
I did ask him, wear and when? He said when we go out, just not around friends and family, it would be for our fun. The only other thing I asked was did he want to see more of my chest also or just braless, and if he wanted to see more, how would he feel if other men saw what he saw?
He said it would turn him on if he saw my my chest, and if some other guy did notice, it might me feel a little better about my chest size.
So the way home I wanted to get a bottle of wine, I asked him if he would like it if I took off my bra and maybe undid a button or two, the look on his face was complete surprise. Yea. That would be great.
So I did just that and as I looked for wine with the help of a young man he looked for some beer. As he headed back over to see if I was ready, he noticed that one side of my chest was easy enough for the young man to get a good look at my chest nipple and all. Holy crap that was great. he loved it and so now I go braless with whenever I get the chance and get to see if I can give other men a chance to see the girls. Has it helped out s** life? Yes. Now we not only have s** even more but he just looks for places to f... me even while we are still out.

Feb 25, 2021

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  • Looks like you will be showing more that just those t****** soon. If you both enjoy it, keep going. Eventually you will take a lover and the fun will really begin

  • Been married 25 years here. At around 15 years we started to experiment.

    We have been enjoying FMF threesomes before 10 years now.

    I love watching my hubby go b**** deep then I lick the lucky lady clean

  • Your story was okay. The spelling was terrible.

  • Nice story, my wife is beautiful and fit, and she dresses similar to you. I always ask her if she enjoy being checked out but she always say only by me. I can’t help but think that everyone enjoys a second look from other people. There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty, respectfully, but she doesn’t think the way I do. Maybe one day. :))

  • I feel the same way. But my wife is 36DD and when she was in her 20s I had hoped she would wear more revealing outfits. It never happened, she grew up in the Bible Belt and learned early on you don’t show too much ever. So I have my fantasies.

  • In good time. It took me some time to admit to him that I too was turned on by the added attention.

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