I enjoy doing it

It's a little embarrassing to admit but I have always enjoyed exposing myself, Not obvious flashing or letting anyone know that I know I am showing more than I should but I can't stop myself.
While out shopping I leave the change room curtain open slightly hoping someone will see, Preferably men but I have had the odd woman stop and look which although I am not into women I assume those ones must be and it gets me so excited to excite someone else, I will do the old flash the shoe sales person, Bend over too far in front of someone else's husband in the store, Make my pokies obvious when in the dairy cooler, Just anything I can to give people a peek.
When I stay at someone else's house I will leave my top open too far or twist it to the side if it's a tank top so as to let one of "The girls" hang out and trust me, After multiple kids and being 40ish years old they hang, Small, Empty and saggy but my nips are always hard so...Yeah, there is that, But I can't stop, I do not even remotely think my b**** are nice but if there is a chance someone might see them I make sure to facilitate every opportunity, I wear long nightshirts and make sure I am sleeping on the door side of the bed then let my nightshirt ride up and if I pull whichever leg is on top, If I pull that knee up I can make sure and give whoever is the lucky recipient a full on show of the one thing that no one else than my husband is supposed to see anymore but when I was younger, Highschool, College and shortly after, before meeting my husband pretty much everyone I know had gotten a look at it and I got a lot of compliments from dumb guys unable to control themselves and keep it a secret, My step brother when I still lived at home could be heard standing at my bedroom door many nights wacking it and even my step dad a couple times, I always did when younger but still do go braless at breakfast if at someone else's house, Braless at the mall with a jacket over top so I can show them only when appropriate or at least when I can pretend not to be obvious about it.
It doesn't even matter who it is, I have given friends, Friends husbands, My husbands friends, Friends brothers, Friends fathers, Cousins, Uncles, My step dad, My step brother, Cousins spouses but mostly complete strangers "Unplanned" peeks up my shorts, Skirts, Down my tops, I have intentionally gotten caught changing and I don't even know when it started, I started going for massages at a young age due to back problems after an atv accident, Although I don't need to anymore I still go just so I can inappropriately let him or her see more than intended.
When I was younger I thought it was just me needing s** but it didn't curb my needs, I started young but only because I mistakenly thought I wanted to get laid, As I said I started going to a massage therapist at 14 and it was a friend of my moms who's husband had a room set up in the basement, He really did an amazing job of massaging me back to health but when I started to get aroused from him massaging me was when I started maybe showing more than normal, I still remember the conversation we had when he first realized I had nothing on under my towel, He told me I didn't need to undress completely but it was up to me, 10-12 sessions later I couldn't control myself and rolled onto my back offering him something he couldn't resist.
I had s** with him 2-3 times a week, Pretty much after every massage for months until I realized it wasn't doing anything for me, Once he began to expect it then I lost interest and had my mom switch my massages to someone else and made up an excuse so no one would be the wiser, By 15 I had realized what it was that got my needs met, I could totally feel a release of tension and feel then need drain from my body after a session of letting someone else see me had ended, I could even "get off" back then from it which is not as easy now as it once was but I still can.
I still require s**, It is like I have two completely separate sets of needs, One my husband is very able to fulfill but the other, And he has no idea to this day that I do it on purpose but he has been aware of my "over exposure" many, Many times and thinks I am just careless but those are a completely separate set of needs and a completely different feeling when they are fulfilled, I just hope that my husband never realizes I do it on purpose, Not sure how he would react.


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  • Nice change of pace hearing it from a female. Usually it's the lame dudes thinking everyone wants and gets turned on flashing his pee pee

  • How can i get our young daughter to stop xposeing herself...

  • Great confession, I do understand the joy of it because I have the same exact needs, and now we (me and my wife) share the same desire and do it always

  • I don't do it often anymore but have on occasion enjoyed giving a little peek to a random person, It was usually by accident but a couple times I knew someone would be able to see more than they should if they happened to be looking.

  • Yea it’s just too much to read

  • Long and lame

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