Breakup Texts with my GF

Last week I wrote a post about my girlfriend that everyone tells me to leave. Here is our latest texts from a few minuites ago.

Me- Hello _____

Her- hi luv🤣

Me- I need to let you know that I'm moving back to Switzerland
[Dad is from there, lived there from ages 13-16]

Her- I loved it when we did a simester abroad there! Can't wait to go. But Americans are banned so it'll be a while🙁

Me- [Sends picture of my Swiss passport that just came in the mail yesterday] I'm not

Her- but what about me??!??

Me- I leave next week. Staying with my Aunt until classes start. English classes for computer classes w/ exchange students. Swiss-German for the rest.

Her- are you leaving me!!!!!!!!

Me- ja [Yes in German]

Her- wym? I guess you're joking

Me- 'ja' means yes in German. _______, we had some great times together, but this is goodbye. Please don't come to my house to win be back.

Then I turned off my phone and started writing this. That was hard to do.

Feb 28

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  • Https:// thats the update of this post

  • Watch some popeye cartoons

  • Lame way to break up.

  • I didn't want her to hit me or scream.

  • We know Russell Brand broke up with Katy Perry by a text message (ending any relationship with Katy Perry is a separate issue, and it's moronic), but that doesn't mean it's okay; and having ANYTHING in common with Russell Brand should be seen as a major warning signal. What you did wasn't the problem: the way you did it was truly monstrous.

  • A guy would have to be brain dead to break up with Katy Perry. I never got that. WTF?

  • I know your generation doesn't believe in society or observing its rules, but PLEASE, at a minimum:


  • Maybe if you were more "observing" you would at least acknowledge that conversing via a digital medium, is a lot easier than in having a conversation in person, especially in today's society. There are even studies proving that. You don't have to end any relationship of any sort, in person, and for a good reason. It's how our generation deescalates any situation, and it's most preferred. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the guts to say what you said, in front of his face, including anyone of that matter, because were all behind a screen. Sometimes, we all forget that we're talking to people.

    It doesn't matter the method of communication, it's about the rhetoric of the statement, in the context it's in. In this case, he didn't allow her to acknowledge any reason as to why isolation was best. Everything was bland and ambiguous, and what he did was very disrespectful. No matter who was the at fault, of the toxcity of the relationship, it's clear, in accordance to the messages he sent her, that he's the toxic one. He cowardly left her hanging, and didn't even bother talking about the situation, besides wanting to escape to Switzerland, and leave her in the dust. Just reading that message makes me shiver of how cruel people can be. In the message, I see no signs or reasons for him to have to break up with her, in such a manner. Couldn't give the poor girl a chance. I doubt she'll ever go back, once the grief has ended.

  • I've given her the ultimatum of get your s*** together or I'm leaving plenty of times

  • Yes, that's just my point: he was being a chickenshit.

  • I didn't feel comftrible doing it in person. I didn't want her to scream and punch me

  • So do it in a public place! If she hits you call the police and have her arrested! Then you can definitely file a restraining order.

  • Chickenshit b****.

  • LOL. You anticipated she would rush to your house to try to "win you back"??!? OMG! So, you warned her off by telling her not to come begging??? LOL!!!! You are waaaaaaaaay too much!!! That's really totally hilarious!!!! You didn't want her to embarrass herself by groveling at your feet???!? SERRRRIOUSLY!!!! I expect she is relieved to have dodged the bullet of having to spend another fraction of another second with you! The reader of this text exchange can almost see her saying, "Really??? YOU are breaking up with ME???? That is FABULOUS, dude! Best news I've had since our first date!!! Good bye and good luck! You just saved me the trouble of having to beat you to death in your sleep after you'd finished doing to me that thing you call 'f******'. BORRRRING!!!What a total laugh riot this is!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And just to comfort you let me promise I won't come try to WIN YOU BACK!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Quite the contrary . . . . SAYONARA, SHIT4BRAINS!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • Wow your age really dose show you had to do it via a text message you must think very highly of this girl who obviously had no clue this was coming. The only decent thing you said was we had some really good times. You f****** low ball millennials. Are going to be the downfall of our spieces. You owe her at least a face to face break-up, I mean do you have smaller b**** then your d***.????

  • Good God. What is wrong with you?

  • She was abusive to me.

  • Perhaps you've heard the saying, "two wrongs don't make a right." The fact that she treated you badly doesn't make it okay to treat HER like s*** b****. Bad form, bucko.

  • Harsh

  • She was worse

  • Cold. Uncaring. Gutless. Mean.

  • She has hit me when she was drunk and did a ton of other crazy s***

  • That is going to hurt her!!
    Is that what you wanted to do??

  • Please explain.

  • She hit me a bunch of times and would have melt downs. She also has/had a substence abuse problem

  • So what? That makes it okay to be merciless? No!

  • You could have at least told her what the issue was, on her end. You've just left her hanging, without having her acknowledge, why isolation was ideal for you. Now her mind lingers on the probability that she's ultimatiely the problem, but of nothing in particular. Then you decided to make this post right way, as if you premeditated on the guilt. She must be in a lot of pain. I could see if she was toxic, but nevertheless, she deserves to know.

  • She knew. She promised to change but didn't

  • ^Totally and completely correct^. You should call her and apologize for the awful way you handled that and give her the much-deserved chance to curse you out --- while you sit silently and listen to every single word --- including allowing her to explain to you what an extraordinary douchebag you are. You acted poorly and selfishly, and you hurt her thoughtlessly. And so help me GOD, if you even start to tell her how "everyone" said you should dump her, I will find you in Switzerland and I will beat your sorry f****** ass myself! BE A MAN! BE A GROWNUP!!! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, YOU F****** PANSY-ASS!!!

  • Totally right for me. My friends and family have been telling me to leave her for months

  • It may "feel" right TO YOU, or you may have rationalized your terrible misbehavior away. But none of that that can EVER MAKE it right in reality (and what your friends and family think don't mean S***.) Those things also don't make what you did to that poor girl okay. Or acceptable. Or proper. Or permissible. Or appropriate. Or tolerable. Or understandable. Or defensible. Or adult. humane. You should be required to tell this hideous story to every girl you ever date in the future. ON THE FIRST DATE. They ALL need to know what a horrid petty little t*** you're capable of being. And what a huge HUGE a****** you are. I've on the giving and receiving ends of some pretty ugly breakups, but you take the motherfucken cake, Homer. If Shakespeare were still alive he'd want to rewrite Romeo and Juliet with the two of you in the principal roles so Juliet could cut Romeo's d*** off and cram it down his throat, to the rapturous applause of every audience.

  • Is she toxic? why do they tell you to leave her?

  • Yes, she was toxic. I don't want a girl in my life that gets drunk, hits me, accuses me of cheating all the time, ect.

  • Yes please explain that...

  • She was awful to me

  • Aaaaw, you poor, poor baby . . . . . . . . . .

  • "Do unto others, negro!! Her behavior doesn't excuse your behavior! Get right with God and apologize to the girl!

  • I've done my fair share. She had plenty of chances to get her s*** together, always promisted to, but never did.

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