Jekyll and Hyde gf

I can’t figure my girlfriend out. When she’s sober she’s the greatest woman in the world and totally devoted to me. When she has a few drinks she turns into a total s*** with other men.

Mar 5, 2021

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  • A drunk person does and says what a sober person wants to. So she pretty much wants to cheat on you. You got two choices get her help for her alcoholism or dump the s****. If she doesn't think she's an alcoholic tell her to stop cold turkey, I bet she can't without help. I am an alcoholic 2 years sober so I pretty much know what's going on. The alcohol loses her inhibitions

  • Leave her, immediately. Don't waste time on someone like that. I won't end pretty if you don't.

  • You may be right.

  • Embrace it. I love that my wife is a drunk s***. I get off watching her get f*****. I don't believe her excuses about it being alcohol induced horniness.

  • This is what alcohol does. It's why the wife and I quit.

  • Mine was like that and its been a long horrible journey. The only way it ended was by her realising she couldn't control the way she behaved when drinking and giving up completely.

  • Join the club dude. My wife is like that. Couple drinks and turns into a huge flirt

  • It’s f’d up but if I dare look at another woman she loses it.

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