Break up with Girlfriend

Last week I posted the break up texts with my girlfriend where I sent her a picture of my new Swiss passport and said that I'm moving to Switzerland without her and that we're through.

She would always cause drama. She would wine at me and hit me when things didn't go her way. She has a drinking problem and got drunk at my cousins first communion. Accusing me of cheating when I was at the dentist, ect.

My family and friends were telling me to leave her for months but I couldn't. I knew she loved me, but I can't fix her, nor should I. But my God is she beautiful (on the outside.)

Mar 7

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  • Rather than breaking up with her, you should have gone on using her until you had worn her completely out. She HAD to have been a spectacular f***, no?? I mean crazy chicks usually f*** like wild animals (i've f***** several). Is it too late to take her with you to Switzerland? Or have her meet you there? You're going to miss her. You know you're going to miss her. And her magnificent, beautiful body! Call her and apologize. Do it today! And then go get some makeup s**!!!!!

  • People with American passports are banned from going to Switzerland rn and probobly will be for a while. I don't need to apologize.

  • Yes, you most certainly do need to apologize to her. You behaved horribly, but even if that weren't true, it would behoove you to apologize . . . . . . . . for the makeup s**. If the passport remains an issue, then marry her. Get busy, little boy. Get your girl back. You know your need her and want her. Go to work.

  • I'm not going to merry a boarderline alcoholic who can be physically abusive and has a temper. Switzerland is nutritiously hard to naturalize in. My Mother lived there for 8 years and didn't qualify yet. My parents moved shortly after they married.

  • But oh so shallow on the inside. Right

  • If I was a girl that broke up with an abusive boyfriend over text no one on here would lay into me

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