Being a Dictator

I day dream about being the dictator of a powerful imperialist country.

I'm pretty modest- Photography enthusiast, but only let people I fw follow me on social media. I don't seek the approval of others at all. I have three friends, a gf, and have to tolerate her friend group. Being famous seems horrible to me.

Even with that said, I day dream in the shower and in the mirror about being the dictator of an imperialist country. Me standing in front of 200k people that I lifted out of poverty with my policies, blaring that we will rule the whole continent, and that we will liberate ourselves, them screaming my name. 'Long live [my name]' '[our country' above all].'

Ironically, I'm an American expat living in Switzerland, and I'm embarrassed at the American military and all of the s*** we cause. Imagine How would you feel if China had military bases in Canada, Mexico, and Cuba? The only reason why I renewed my American passport is because it's illegal for me to enter the US with my Irish one.

Mar 8, 2021

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