Conversation with a Muslim in Christian chat some years ago

I don't care for Islam. I don't like the way they treat women and gays. A Muslim asked me why I thought Christians were superior to Muslims and I told him these things.

An American seaplane was having trouble with its engines. It flew too close to the black stone for comfort and almost crash landed. The pilot was able to avoid a crash and fly to safety. Word got back to the pilot of this plane that had he crash landed that close to the black stone they would have killed any survivors they found in the wreckage. Muslims were mad about the near disaster.

A woman whose step daughter was found murdered was arrested and after a very brief trial sentenced to death for the childs murder. The stepmother begged for her life saying she was innocent which apparently was true because an autopsy revealed s**** in the childs v*****. Kind of hard for a woman to put that there don't you think. Unfortunently her head was cut off while she begged for her life.

I told my muslim opponent that if the Vatican was buzzed by a stricken plane full of muslims the Catholics would bend over backwards trying to help any survivors of a plane crash.

In the western world a woman would not have been decapitated like that. There would have been an autopsy and the woman would have been released when they found out a man had murdered the child and not her.

Hence, Christianity is superior to Islam.

Mar 9

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  • At first I thought Muslims were bad people, but they’re not, they follow the Word of God. They kill the Gays and oppose women to vote. I say that Muslims are great people. I would love to join the Muslims in their persecution of Gays and Homosexuals, because they deserve to die.

  • God said treat all people equally from the gays to women how could u think like this

  • Really? So the crusades, inquisitions, pogroms, etc don’t factor into your comparison? How about clergy raping boys or residential school programs? For f sake do t cherry pick history and make such stupid accusations with such severe ignorance.

  • Those atrocities hundreds of years ago. Christianity moved beyond that. Islam does the same horrors as Christianity did five hundred years ago. Actuallly there was a crusade in reverse once. Turkish muslims tried to invade Europe through serbia but were stopped in their tracks by Vlad Tsepish Dracul himself. There was a Muslim attempt to invade Europe through Vienna Austria also. We invaded you and you invaded us.

  • It is not so much that Christianity has moved beyond that, but that it never was that. From the beginning of Christianity, all are taught to love and care. Some people who claim to be Christians sin, but are truly following Christ. Others use the title of Christianity to do things completely un-Christ like.

  • FFS, these are the worst arguments for or against individual religions that one could possibly conceive, but they aren't even real and neither one is actually YOUR argument: you heard this or read it somewhere and stole it as your own. I won't address ALL of the factual problems with your flimsy premise, but will simply point out that the possibility that the victim had intercourse before death doesn't PROVE that she was killed by whoever had s** with her. In fact it may not even prove a crime of any nature occurred, unless your use of the world "child" was intended to indicate a person who'd not yet attained the age of consent, and thus imply the occurrence of statutory rape
    ; but the age of consent, in most places is below the age of majority. Using "child" tells us nothing of the victim's age: all of us, of every age, are children of someone, and thus victim was not even the child of the defendant. Still, the s** (whether or not Itself a crime) is not necessarily connected to the death and doesn't prove anything. But really, NONE of that has any bearing whatsoever on the supposed superiority or inferiority of a religion. Although the arguments may weigh in favor of doing away with all religions as meaningless.

  • The fact that a very young girls was murdered after an apparent rape and her step mother tried, convicted and executed for a murder she could not possibly have committed seems to have escaped you. My objection is that a woman begging for her life was beheaded for a crime she had nothing to do with.

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