I was married to a woman and she was a Nassasistic person so it ended in a divorce with a little girl.
So I did my best to be a good Dad show her how to ride a bike, go fishing and take her on vacations while I was saving up for a house to buy close to where she lived so she could come over when she wanted to as she grew up.
As she grew up she wanted to be just like her Mother and that made her a rather self absorbed individual and self centered person.
But we did out best to provide and have her over for dinner, other wise she ate canned pasta food in front of a TV by her self. And her Mother ate steak with her boyfriend for dinner with out her daughter.
This is just to give you some ideas of what happened with out going into great details.
I got remarried and my new wife took great care with my daughter and would buy her new shoes when she came over with holes in the toes of the shoes and other things that she needed as a child growing up.
But I was always paying child support and my daughter never got to see the money, my Ex treated it like alimony.
Later in life my Mom got lung cancer and my wife and I did what ever we could for my Mom but she was going to die soon.
My daughter called up my Mom and asked her for her inheritance money because she was planning a wedding soon.
My Mom told me that I am under No obligation to give my daughter any money at all from what I would inherit from my Mom.
My Mom was the Best Mom and would make what you liked to eat all the time and was very considerate loving Mom. She worked very hard and loved as hard as she worked, she never said a swear word ever.
I think that my daughter did was the coldest thing you could do to a person, when found out that they were about to die in the near future from cancer.
I was told by my Mom
" I'm under No obligations to give my daughter any money from any thing I inherited from my Mom "
We love our daughter but I don't like her. ( only a parent could understand this ).
So my question to you is what do you think about this??????
How do you feel about her????
Please be honest with your thoughts about this problem I have.
Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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  • If your Mom has really put this in her WILL as a statement in a legal document. Then , our opinions doesn't matter. It is up to you know if you are the person to handle her accounts, properties bla can choose to give her something or not.

  • Thank you for your help.
    My daughter was 37 years old when she did this to her Grandmother.

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