I wish I had significant other

That's it. I've been feeling very lonely and the older I get, the harder I realize it'll be for me to even get in a relationship (I'm 20, I know, I'm still young, but it really sucks when most people I know have already been in relationships)... Covid isn't helping either lol
I don't want to use dating apps either because I'm not looking for a hookup (plus, would much rather meet someone offline, whether that'd be through mutual friends or shared hobbies or whatever)
It's not like I've never had people interested in me, but I was never attracted to them and they weren't generally great people so no loss there for me...

Anyways. Yeah. I'm extremely lonely and am always fantasizing about a love life I worry I'll never have :/
I guess I should work on self-love so I don't have to rely on another person to give me what I want so much. Be my own dream person or whatever.

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  • I’m 28 and never held hands with a man, you’ve still got time. I don’t have any hope for myself though.

  • Get out and meet people if you can. Just be yourself. Best of luck to you.

  • Learn to love the one person you can trust :- YOURSELF.
    People lie, cheat and are out for themselves.
    Relationships rarely last.
    I 58 years old and speak from.experience.
    People rarely say what they actually mean.
    Both my brothers and all my friends have been lied to , ripped off and divorced by women they thought they had a mutual understanding with.
    I came close once to marrying but thankfully I saw the light just in time.
    I'm not going down that route.
    I do what I want when I want and and am financially better off single.
    I love my sports car , she'll never l lie to me .
    When I tire of driving I go home to MY flat and MY flat.
    You're better off alone with a very small number of very carefully chosen friends

  • You got the right plan! Dating apps are cr ap! Meeting people face to face is the best way to go! I have been married 32 years and happy! This is the same for males or females. Don't go looking for love in bars or nightclubs because of drinking! Grocery stores, church, shops, the parks and beaches is a great place to find someone! But you have to be able to ask them out. Start with a hi and if they are not interested, so what! Move on. Don't be afraid to ask them out. I met my wife at a car dealership waiting to get our cars serviced. You are young don't worry you will find someone, you just got put some effort in to it! Good luck.

  • Self love is what you need to help you know your name.

  • Agreed . My right hand us all I need.

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