Turned 19 recently, and just today I lightly cried to myself in private because of the loneliness I felt having never had a partner before. Yeah it probably doesn't matter that I missed a full year I could've been dating had circumstances been different, and yeah I have many years ahead of me that I'm still young, and able to experience some non-lonely happiness, but it doesn't change these feelings in me. Pandemic being around, a circulation problem making that seem even more scary, and not wanting to waste time with something as seemingly useless as online dating because of how inferior it is to real dating. I feel really trapped. I just want love, but it's like I can never have that with this pandemic around.

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A guy I hate destroyed himself

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  • For starters get yourself a prostitute and break out of that shell.

  • Learn to love the only person that truly loves you and won't lie to you :- YOURSELF .
    I'm forty years older than you and speak from experience.
    People are selfish and out for themselves. Trust nobody .
    Keep any friends close and your enemies closer still.
    Beware of the person that smiles warmly at you and then stabs you in the back.

  • You are never alone when you are with yourself.As long as you remain conscious of your breath, you can't feel despondent.
    Who else but your breath will remain faithfully with you till you die.
    We are social animals and yet, dependence is misery.** desire or libido is normal but craving is risky.
    Nobody should feel so helpless due to not being able to fit in by having innumerable false friends and indulge in rampant **.
    Stray dogs on the streets of many developing nations resort to such activity.Are the very happy?

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