Drunk Wife

Years ago my wife and I went to a fundraiser for our kids school private elementary school. We didn’t have a babysitter and got my brother to do it. So we go the the fundraiser she’s drinking a lot and had taken a painkiller earlier that evening so by the time we had left she was beyond drunk get home and I could barely get her into the house. Kids were sleeping it was late my brother ame to the door I told him if he could help me get her upstairs so i grad her under her arms he grabs her by her legs and we lift her and she’s mumbling. As we lift her her b@&$? start to come out of her dress and the bottom is ridding up since it was short to begin with he’s has a clear view of her panties which were sheer. We get her up on the bed and she’s again mumbling but to take her clothes off so I rolled her over unzipp her dress and pull it down off her slide off her panties and rolled her back over, now she’s completely nude in front of my brother and she was completely oblivious. My brother was staring at her body and I told him go ahead get a good look so he reached down and spread her legs and started fingering her and she started to moan a little so I walked over and shut the lights next thing I knew he had his pants off climbed on her and slid in her and started having s** with her and she was moaning he lasted about 5 minutes then as soon as he slid out I climbed on her and had my turn and added into her. The next morning she had I think an idea because she asked if he had helped carry her up I said yea he did but he left right after but did tell her he had gotten a good look at her b@&$? because they came out of her dress and had a good view of her panties. Then she’s like did he say anything and I told her he just said how good you looked and I told was lucky

Mar 12, 2021

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  • I owed some money to my friend. When I talked about some more time to return the loan being jobless, he just joking told if allowed to f*** my wife he may waive off the money in exchange of s** with her. Though I really was taken back, I thought off the same which gave me an unknown excitement. I simply asked are you serious ? He said if you are comfortable he stands by his word. I said it can be arranged. My wife is not a heavy drinker but on occasions would take one or two. One Saturday evening I told my wife that one of my friends would be for dinner and that the food and wine shall be ordered for delivery at home. I informed my friend that he could enjoy my wife that night and invited him. I ensured the wife was served with sedated wine and just after two glasses she was just dead meat. We took her to the bedroom and removed her clothes. She was not registering anything and was just murmuring something. My friend felt shy enough to f*** her while I was watching. I told him I too shall give a company and we both f***** her in all ways through out the night.

  • I was raped 3times b4
    my sk y pe is annie price 123

  • I don’t know if she wanted it to happen but the next day I think for sure she liked that he saw her naked even though she said she was embarrassed she asked the same questions how much did he see what did he say and asked them a few times and I just told her he saw everything and got a real good look of her and he liked what he saw but he hasn’t babysat since then and probably won’t happen

  • She knew she staged whole thing wanted it to happen

  • FOR Sure I would have my brother babysit again .

  • Proud to share.

  • Yea I don’t think she came with him and with me he had c** in her so I couldn’t tell. And probably won’t happen again that night she had taken pain killers so the alcohol hit her hard and she doesn’t take them it was just that time so she acted like she was so embarrassed the next day that my brother saw her nude but I think she actually liked it because she asked what he said a few times and was like I’m going to be so embarrassed when I see him and she definitely wasn’t like nothing happened

  • You are one fine brother,you should get her drunk again with him there

  • Keeping it in the family

  • Wonder if she came

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