Love for latina or blond milfs

I m 21 yrs old i love mature women idk why but i never got any its my fantasy to once f*** a latina or blond  milf if any interested drop your contact

Mar 13

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  • Latina p**** taste better than any other. I won't say Asian taste the worst exactly but it is the weirdest.

  • Asain p**** smell like fish market in hot summertime. Black p**** smell like farmyard. White p**** smell like bar back alley after 3-1 happy hour with super super vomitory. But they ALL need to wash they ass. Come on, ladies!! Wash that ass BEFORE you go out you house! Wash it good with lotta soap and a big sponge!!!! Please, ladies, oh please!!!! Wash that ASS, ladies!!! You gotta wash that ass!!! Come on!!!

  • Latinas are rather aggressive, sexually speaking, and I really LOVE that. And when you date one, they're often quite possessive, which is high flattery.

  • Your right -- they are possessive and controlling, and it is really flattering. Back in the summer between my high school graduation and starting college, I worked in the stockroom of a large chain grocery store and got engaged to Lindsay my HS sweetheart. One Monday night after work when we had to stay for inventory, Ximena from the deli missed the last bus home and asked me for a ride. On the way she offered to pay me for gas but I said that wasn't necessary. When we got to her house she invited me in and said her kids were gone. Once inside, she led me to her bedroom and undressed. She took my pants down and sat on the edge of her bed, where she gave me a BJ to die for. She then took off all my clothes and we laid naked in her bed together. After we'd made love, I told her about my engagement and she said she didn't care. "I'm going to take you away from her anyway, so it doesn't matter to me . . . . she'll mean nothing to you anymore after I finish with you tonight. You can still marry her if you want, but it won't mean anything at all. Not ever." We made love again and again. After the fourth round, she wrapped her legs tight around my back, and put her arms round my neck, and told me, laying there in the darkness, "I've just decided to stop taking my birth control, and that i intend to get at least three of your babies before Lindsay can even catch ONE. I'm going to crush her heart and soul. Your going to be all mine and I don't care that your so much younger than me." A couple weeks later, she made me break off the engagement and then told me I could not go out with or ever f*** anyone else. "I own you now", she scared me a little, but it made me happy at the same time. She was clearly the boss for years.

  • I like black women 40-50 becuz they usually like younger white guys and they almost all got that superthick bush that runs nearly from their navel to their knees and I just really LOVE that!!!! Oh mama : : : : : : Feed me!!!

  • I am 29 and last year I secretly dated a 54yo married Latina from my workplace. The s** was incredible and she was wild and filthy, right from the start. When we began the relationship, I was dating a 26yo white schoolteacher, but after my second date with the Latina, I happily dumped the girlfriend, and my Latina was thrilled to have me all to herself, even though she remained with her husband and children. After that, she immediately became even dirtier. She was truly truly amazing. I could never get enough!

  • No Latinas for me, but I will take mature blondes every day of the week! I'm 26 and I love blondes at 48 and over.they all so nasty!

  • I feel the same about older blondes and about them being dirty. I had one over 40 and two over 50 and they were really just perverted. Plus they all f*** on the first date. Amazing.

  • I love bottle blondes too, and have loved them ever since I was in high school, 35 yrs ago, when I fell completely in love with a friend of my mother's, named Madeleine. She was too much woman for me at the time, but I loved her anyways, and she knew it. I even tried to break up her marriage but failed miserably. She's been dead for many years now (cancer), but she was still the love of my entire life. She used to come to our house to swim in our pool and drink cocktails with my mom, and I would spy on her and m********* like a g******* r*****.

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