Sort of anniversary

Today Mar. 14) its nearly exactly a year since we got the first lockdown order for the virus. That means (for me) that in about six weeks it'll be a year since I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life by beginning an affair with a man I barely knew. I was scared and crazy from the pandemic panic and felt like the walls were closing in and the end was near. My husband was no help whatsoever, but this man comforted me and made me feel desirable. The relationship ran its course and we ended things in November, after a pregnancy scare that proved to be a false alarm (Thank God). He was much much younger than me, and single, and when I think how close I came to destroying my family, it makes me so disappointed in myself and my reasoning. Have you heard the phrase "COVID Brain"? That's what I believe this was: my pandemic-addled brain went on the fritz. I hope and pray my husband never discovers ANY of the dirty things I did with that man. "Tramp" doesn't begin to cover it. Oh my dear sweet Jesus! Never again!

Next Confession

Secret Sissy

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  • Everone was affected by Covid and it changed ever person to some degree or another.
    You made a mistake and I do not know how well balanced your husband is or not.
    If you keep it a secret then make it up to him, mabe he has a secret fantasy. Try to find it out by gettinf him naked and look at or talk about different things, if his d*** get bigger then your in to something he likes but has not mention to you.
    Remember his d*** will tell the truth every time it is important to get him undressed first.
    Good luck and you can forgive yourself!!

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