Wife's confession

My wife once told me a story about a date she had with a co worker who was a M.D. My wife had the hots for some doctor she was working with at a lab. He was your typical doctor , a young guy, tall , smart and hansom He completely blew smoke up my wife's ass and she fell for it.
Date night came around and they went to dinner then to some club where she admitted she drank to much. He became touchy feely and she loved him for it.
Well as you can imagine they went to the car where he began to feel her up and pull off her clothes. She began to panic and wanted to run away from this perv, the next thing you know he is on top of her and is f****** her like mad.
She felt terrible but was strangely aroused by being f***** so hard. she was loving this guy and before you knew it she had orgasmed not just once but several times. My wife admitted she loved being raped by this guy and rough f****** was what she loved the most.
I didn't know what to say to her but later on we had s** and all she could say to me was f*** me like her doctor.

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  • Which edition of Penthouse Letters did you copy & paste this story from?

  • Non you clown

  • You are the clown if you think we believe that fakeCRAP.

  • Nobody reads penthouse anymore you clown and if you don't believe the story get off the internet and go to h***, have a nice day a******.

  • They are called replies snowflake Some you will like and some you will not like!
    But thats how replies are idiot. You have to take the bad with the good!
    PS snowflake don't have a meltdown!

  • She wasnt raped you idiot shes a w****

  • BS you have no wife!

  • No she claimed she was into it

  • Repeat it the scenario for her when possible- i feel the same-sometimes i don't know why i am attracted to a person or why i am doing what i am doing. it just feels good. i never regret it. i wish i have it more often

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