My wife and dad

My mum passed away after a long illness last year and my wife said she would look in on my dad from time to time which I was so glad for as I was very busy at work.
I love my wife very much, she is very loving beautiful and a brilliant mother, my dad has always been good to me as well.
Over the next couple of months I realised she was calling into my dads nearly every weekday morning after dropping the kids off at School, I began to wonder why, so one night when she had gone to bed I scrolled through her phone and found messages from ‘Janice’ I knew she didn’t know anyone by that name so opened them, what I found shocked me, it was clear ‘Janice’ was my dad and the initial messages were normal but over a few weeks they were ending with more xxxx from both and my dad saying how much he enjoyed my wife Jane calling in and her saying she loved seeing him etc etc, I had also noticed Jane had been taking more time with her appearance and had bought new clothes and more to the point sexy underwear.
Then I got to a message dated on my dad’s birthday which rocked me back, my dad said he hoped Jane had enjoyed their love making as much as he had and it was the best birthday present he had ever had, Jane replied that she had never had such an intense o***** in her life and although they would have to be very discreet would like to do it again, saying she had gone to the family planning clinic and picked up the morning after pill, as she’s not on birth control and makes me wear a condom, he replied asking her not to take it until after their next meeting as he would love to make love to her thinking she could be pregnant by him, Jane said that would be so h**** it’s making her wet just thinking of that.
The messages got less after that so I’m guessing they are having regular s** now, the thing is at first I was so angry but after a while I realised I have neglected Jane and I suppose if she needed s** when I can’t give it then I prefer her to be with my dad than some stranger, I know this is not what it should do but I am now turned on by this, I make love to her more often and when she’s naked in front of me I think of what she does with my dad and it makes me so h****, Jane has even started talking about having another baby which again turns me on thinking my dad will probably get their first but I don’t mind

Mar 26, 2021

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  • I had s** with my daughter. She came home drunk one night. Her friends rang the doorbell and ran. My daughter was in a shopping cart. Drunk off her butt. I took her into the bathroom. Took her puke ridden clothes off. Cleaned her up. I carried her to bed. I am wearing boxers. I laid her down in bed. Legs spread. I could not help it. I had to touch her. It was nice and soft and slick. I thought did she have a romp in the sack with someone. So I spread her legs wider and looked. No white stuff. So I stuck my finger in. No white stuff either. My daughter opened her eyes. Looked at my and said about time dad. I knew she was very interested in boys. But did not know I was the boy she was interested in. All tho she lives far away. Every visit I still get daddy daughter time.

  • Can't trust a female

  • That is so hot I hope your dad knocks your wife up

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