He got the best deal ever.

My husband and I decided to have a final fling before we tied the knot, More just as a final blowout before settling down than anything, we discussed just doing something together and he brought up the "Final fling" idea, We like to get a bit wild and crazy but have never done something with someone else alone...If that makes sense, Like we have done stuff together but never all the way and never him with someone or me with someone without the other partner so this would be our big finish to single life and then settle down and start a family.
Me (21) and my husband (23) when we got married were always just straight up honest, Discussed everything and it was just easy peasy, I said I wanted to do something with someone I worked with, He agreed to the person I chose and I asked who he was thinking about, He hummed and hawwed and I told him we could discuss it later, I went out clubbing knowing full well I was going to make my move that night, Did my thing and came home the next morning, He asked me all about it and I told him everything from when I locked eyes with him to how many times I got off and even when I stood at the door waiting for my cab with zero underwear and getting groped while I had a handful of c***.
We were 3 months from the wedding and laying in bed, I told him he needed to make up his mind, I think on his part he was waiting for a certain date, March 22...Cassie, My little sisters birthday...The big 1-8 because on March 23 he told me what he decided, I sat up, Looked at him and said "Nope", He looked at me and said "Huh?, Why?". I said "Really?, Why not?, My sister?....Nope". We talked some more and I started laying out his options, My friends and I like to party so I whipped out my phone and showed him some pics:
Kris: 22, Blonde, Average build and chesty.
Erin: 22, Brunette, Slim and small chested.
Des: 24, Brunette, Ethnic and large chested.
Maddy: 21, Blonde, Tiny built, Short and flat chested.
Stacey: Redhead, average build, Best bum out of all and large chested.
OR....And I thought this would be the big seller, Shan, My cousin, 20, Brunette, Blue eyes, Very large chested but athletic build, the two of them get along great and I know for a fact he thinks she is a bombshell.
I showed him some pretty racy pics and even a few containing some nudity (Mostly just b****) and he scrolled through them, Back and forth and he finally said "Ok, You and Shan", I said "No, Absolutely not, You and Shan", He said he wanted a 3 way and I said "Gross, Not happeneing with my cousin". Besides this is supposed to be a you and her thing like mine was, That's what we haven't done". He scrolled through my phone a bit more and then handed it to me and I looked at it, A picture of my sister in a bikini, I said "Really?, She is 17 here", He said "She isn't anymore". I told him that was a hard NO and he could choose someone else, At the two month mark I took the bull by the horns and I brought Stacey home with me from the club, Blowout night, Her second 3 way and 1st time with a girl full on, My husband POUNDED her, I actually told him to go easy on her after a bit, the poor girl. Next day I said "So...That's out of the way", He said "What do you mean?", I said "That was your fling", He said "Uh...No...That was you bringing a friend home", He said "I told you what I want"...Needless to say I was p***** for a bit then decided ok...This is it...I invited Shan who was also a bridesmaid to come for dress fittings, We got drunk at the apartment, We tried on dresses of mine, I got her to model for my husband in each one braless, We tried on lingerie and I talked her into showing my husband because my stuff was way too small in the top and it was actually hilarious.
She went to change and I said "Go f*** Shanny", He shook his head no, He said "I told you what I want" so I thought he meant a 3 way with her and I so I led him by the hand into the bedroom, She was just pulling up her pants with no top on. We had a 3 way and the next day after she left I said "Ok, So you got what you wanted, A 3 way with me and my cousin so....Good right?", Guess what he said..."No...You said that wasn't the thing, You said no 3 ways, my final has to be just me and her", P***** doesn't even explain it, I said "We just spent 4 hours with my cousin, My cousin of all people, I made out with my cousin, I touched her in places I shouldn't touch her, She rode you while I sat on your face, I...Held...My cousins t***...Her t***, while you f***** her, I literally held her ass and watched up close while you f***** her and let you pull out and finish in my mouth....I f***** sucked you of after you f***** my cousin...For real....I may as well have gone down on my cousin....She actually had to beg you to finish you f***** her so much, I am done, I'm out" and I left.
I went and stayed at Stacey's for 3 days and me and her drank about 50 bottles of wine, On the third day it was Stacey who said "So...You need to make a call, Either you do it or you're done...For real". I asked for advice and she said "I can't help you with this one" and I left, I went to mom and dad's and had coffee with them while detoxing from the 3 nights previous and my sister sat down, I stared at her and she finally said "What?...Why are you staring at me?", I told her we needed to talk and we went for a drive, We sat in a park and I faced her, I said "So...I need to know something" and laid it all out...She sat staring at me and said "Serious?", I nodded and she said "Ok" and shrugged, I said "What?", She said "for real, He is the best thing that EVER happened to you, He is an amazing guy and if that one thing is going to cement it for you....Whatever" I couldn't believe how calm she was, I looked at her and said "So...You will do it?", She shrugged and said "yeah, Whatever".
Long story short I led my husband to the bedroom, My sister, Little Cass is laying stretched out in a babydoll and I kissed my husband, Motioned toward her and closed the door. I sat on the couch 15 feet away and listened to my sister o***** over and over and after I "Watched" 4 episodes of game of thrones, Don't ask what happened because I have no clue but then my husband comes out, Sits down beside me and looked at me, I said "Go f****** shower". I went to the bedroom and Cass was laying there dripping in sweat and panting, and said "Oh my god Kelly, I think I am broken".
12 years of marriage since and my oldest daughter is my niece/daughter, That's right, He knocked her up and we raised her, She knows Cass is her mom but doesn't know my husband is her dad, she thinks he skipped out after a one night stand and Cass was too young so we raised her. We have 3 more kids and I couldn't be happier in life so I guess a few stumbling blocks but maybe they made us stronger as a couple because I do feel like we are a very strong couple.

Apr 6, 2021

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  • Some women for some reason do not seem to mind if their husband gets some extra activity. I know in my case the reason, my wife had cancer and a hysterectomy which ended her s** drive.
    That did cause problems, of course.

    We did try s** but it was so painful for her I just gave up trying, content with masturbating each which is OK but doesn't quite satisfy. So, my wife became my procurer might be the right word.

    Easy to know, I get home from work and some other woman is over for a visit. By then they know the deal, my wife just explains and asks, and it is normally someone we both know. I am best described as in shape and well muscled, and better than average endowed plus blessed with durability.

    I have learned many tricks in finding what yanks a woman's chain and trust me, it is a LOT of different things. It keeps me sane and the wife and I together.

    Odd situation, I know, but the real surprise is how many women are most certainly willing once it is all out in the open, some are single but most are married, and they know we are good at keeping secrets.

    I often play Golf with guys that their wives I have slept with, and two of the guys on our bowling team I have been with their women.

    NBD to me, I just go with the flow.

  • Thanks suze19miller@yahoo.com

  • S****. Women are s****. Lemme guess, OP has all sorts of random tats and a septum ring. I'll guess the hair color, but it's not found in nature.

  • My first wife and I decided to have a final date with someone else before we got married, the idea was to get it out of our system and then be totally faithful.
    She had this guy she used to date, so she called him and told him bluntly she wanted to go out and then have s**. She made that call right in front of me.
    It sure seemed easy for her to go for it.
    I called a half dozen old girl friends, not one of them was interested, they were sort of p***** because I had settled on my wife.
    So, she went out, got laid all night, came home. I went out and hunted, no luck, ended up in a massage place I knew getting a topless hand job.
    That really didn't seem fair, but oh well. Then I found out a couple of years later that wifie was still getting some extra, and not from just the one guy. End of that marriage.

  • Omg..eeww.. I think your husband is stilling sleeping around..do you feel degraded as a women?just disgusting 🤮

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