Dating a woman with a misbehaved child

I have been with my girlfriend for some time now. She has a 6 year old son that she is overly obsessed with. The affection that she shows him is way too much and it makes me very uncomfortable. She also treats him likes he’s 2 years old.. she even talks to him like a baby…. I’ve recently got onto her about how she needs to stop acting like he’s handicapped and can’t do anything for himself. He is the biggest brat I’ve ever met. He needs his moms attention and help for every single thing and it’s just not normal. He is jealous of the love his mom shows me bc he doesn’t know boundaries (it’s his moms fault). He has been so out of control recently and I’ve started to resent him. When he isn’t here at the house or around us I get so happy! is that normal? am I wrong?

i love her to death but do not like her kid at all bc of the way he acts. he’s super disrespectful, has 0 manners, and thinks the world revolves around him bc his mom has him that way.if things don’t go his way he acts out. she never whoops his a$$ either, I don’t get it!

Dec 17

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  • I was 18 & first semester at a community college back in 1990. I met Becky, she was 18 and had a 2 year old son! That's right! A two year old. I admit to never having luck with girls, I thought she was pretty and always wore cute cloths to school but none of the guys would talk to her. I got bold in the food court and asked her to sit with me. It went well and I asked her out. That's when she told be about her 2 year old son because she'd have to get her parents to watch him. I told her it's just a movie bring him along. Her parents were helping her with an apartment and they would watch Matthew most of the time. During the movie, Matthew behaved and we had fun. When the date was over, Becky gave me our first kiss.
    For the rest of the semester, she'd pack an extra sandwich for me and if our lab class got canceled, we'd go to her apartment and have s**. I remember she was a wild child in bed! Plus, she was on birth control so we didn't use condoms. A first for me!
    Things ended when she got on full time at a warehouse and she dropped out of college. This was before cell phones so we lost communication.

  • That's how children are "raised" now, for about the last 30 years. And you wonder why so called adults need safe spaces and mental health days every week? They've never been taken off of mommy's tiddy.

  • If its a choice between you or her child she'll choose the child. Been there. I'd find another girlfriend if I were you. You'll always be second fiddle to her little boy.

  • I agree. Time to move on now. I've also been there & done that!
    I was in a relationship with a single mom longer than I should have.
    What sucks is we had great chemistry and the best part was she was a crazy freak in bed
    But her 8 year old son was a spoiled brat and mean as H*ll!
    The final straw for me was at a corn maze. The little sh*t took dried corn on the cob and kept hitting his mom in the face! I know it had to hurt because she had visible scratches on her face and was bleeding.
    After three times, I took the corn from and said, "Don't treat your MOM like that!" I also told him to treat his mom with respect because she will always be there for him.
    She told me never to talk to her son like that again.
    When we got back to her place, I told her "Have a nice life!"

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