My friends dad pressed his thing on me

My friend had a big slumber party at her house, like eight girls. This was in spring break and we're in seventh grade. Her mom was killed in some sort of accident and her dad got a big law settlement so they have a nice house and we all had fun and the next morning I went in to his room to say goodbye to him and thank him. I went in and he was wearing like thin shorts. Almost like silk boxers but shorts and VERY cling-y. I could totally see the outline! I totally looked right at it and I guess he saw that cuz it started getting bigger. Kind of my fault cuz I went in wearing tiny little boy shorts and a tank with no bra since we were all still getting dressed and I didn't really think about it. Well I went in there to give him a hug goodbye so I did and it pressed right against my chest and I felt it get bigger against my chest. We kind of hugged for sorta too long and he stroked my back a little. Maybe he was waiting for it to go down! When we broke off my nips were all hard and pointy, I was so embarrassed! And had a wet spot on the end of his thing. He squeezed my hand and just said "well, you should go." Ever since then I can't stop thinking about it how many times I wanted to go to the house in the afternoon when she was at elective and see him but I kept chickening out, and tonight I'm going over for a sleep over just me. I keep thinking about sneaking into his room and pulling it out of his shorts I can't stop thinking about how bad I want that.

Apr 17, 2021

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  • Go over and let the poor man stick it in your ass, he will appreciate this greatly.

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