I hate my wife , she is a **

Got married many years ago .. without much though on compatibility and it felt like the right thing to do .. now with two kids over the years i feel i am trapped.. she is a ** with extreme childhood trauma and inferiority complex, she cant get a job, cant cook , avoids anything sexual, she cant socialise with people, she has severe anger episodes in which she shouts, screams, breaks things , abuses me and then goes in a huddle crying her eyes out, i cant leave her as i feel the kids will get wasted if we divorce,..i want her to just disappear from my life... what should i do ... GOD.

Apr 24, 2021

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  • Sounds like my wife

  • Hire a hit man and make it look like a break in.

  • She has real issues abd beeds help if everthing you say is true.
    You have to take care of yourself and stay well even if she is not.
    Do not go down the rabbit hole like she did, it is not a safe place for anyone!!!!

  • Get a divorce and take the kids.
    Your life is not hoing where it should, so make yourself happy.

  • I just divorced my wife like 3 months ago. How did she get remarried so quickly?

    Sorry. Bad joke.

    I did just divorce someone similar to the description of your wife.

    My ex can cook, has a job and if you ask her had so many friends to socialize with. She must have so many friends because she is never wrong. Just ask her.

    The thing that started driving the wedge between us was the ** and sexual aspect of our relationship. It was terrible. There was a short period of time it was good but over 22 years there were 6 months good months.

    Good luck.

  • Recommend counseling and if she refuses, divorce

  • Thats why i don’t marry

  • Kids are resilient, get rid

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