I really like my roommates, genuinely, they're a lovely couple and nice people and the woman is definitely a good friend to me. And the guy is also nice and I like him a lot, but he just... grosses me out. He has that sour fat guy smell, literally all the time. It's gross. I don't really think he can help it? Because he's not a dirty or gross guy, he keeps the apartment pretty clean! Just. Smells like mildew or sour sweat all the time, especialy when he first wakes up. And I feel sorry for his wife, my friend and other roommate because she has to sleep in that. Which is probably awful of me, she knew what she was marrying into. I just walked into the bathroom and he had recently been in there and taken a dump and there was a p*** and a drop of pee on the toilet and it just reeked of s*** and really grossed me out. Again not something he did on purpose but just. I need to get that off my chest lol. Anytime I'm around really fat dudes and they sometimes have that particular sour smell it kills me and he is one of those dudes. I'm sorry for thinking this because I have no problems with the guy other than that he's kinda smelly through no fault of his own.

Jul 1, 2015

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  • There are fat people who don't smell and thin people who do. Just a reminder of reality for all those who are too busy turning off what few brain cells they have in order to dogpile on fatties. *kiss*

  • Yucko. I share your disgust. I hate that fat smell. Find a new roomie. This one is making your home a shade of h***.

  • You already are judging the poor guy, chances are you have some habits that wind him up.

  • Spray room spray and hope he gets the hint

  • I hope he doesn't get the hint lol! I don't want him to think that I'm judging him. That would create tension that I don't want :[

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