My farewell confession, after 10 long miserable years

After 10 long miserable years, I decided I’m leaving this Site forever, I’m getting too old, and i want too spend the rest of my free time playing video games on my PS4 until I die, it’s been fun being on this site, but now it’s high time too let this site go.
When I’m dead, I’ll be sure to destroy this sites server before I die. Infect it with a deadly Virus. And afterwards it’ll go to H*** along with Facebook, Twitter, Omegle, and F-ing Raw Confessions site and other Social Media sites. I know that these sites are gonna be dead in the future, but I’m not gonna be a part of that gigantic digital graveyard. In 2011, I came too this lonely site on again and off again, then in 2013, I was only on it for only one time in 2013, only 2 times in 2014, hardly anytime in 2015, in 2016, I started to lose my high paying job, then in 2017, I became unemployed. In 2018, I kicked my useless unemployed brother out of my life. In 2019, I met my Ex-Girlfriends and we decided to forgive each other. In 2020, my ex-girlfriend died. In 2021, I decided I’m leaving this site forever and I’m never coming back.

Well, it’s been a great fun ride, but I say it’s high time to say, goodbye forever, I’ll see you all in H***, so long Everybody.

May 13

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  • You'll be doing the world a favor by killing this site. I hope you succeed in your dreams and ambitions. Best wishes, Skitch.

  • Smell you later! Hurry up and shut this place down! I bet you can't loser!

  • Sure he can. You know he can. Everybody knows!!
    The world will stand in shock and awe and fear and. reverence!!! We will all be amazed, as we watch the site fracture, crumble and fall in a matter of seconds, while he dances on the broken pieces. It's as good as done, b******!!!!!

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