Belly sitting on the babysitter

I am a girl and I was a babysitter and was called by a neighbour to babysit their child for 6 hours. I said ok. The mother told me that their kid is 11 and a bit childish reletive to his age and i said that i can handle it. I got there at 9 and had to babysit till 6.
I don't exactly remember why but i scolded him for something which he did not accept. He then ran to his room. I went to check and he was sitting there with his cheeks puffed. I then sat beside him and told him not to feel bad but to improve. His mood was still not fixed. I then asked what i could do for him to be happy again. He told me to lay on my back on the bed. I did so, then he stood on the bed walked up to where i was laying, position himself above my chest and sat on my belly using my lap as a back rest and my chest as a foot rest. I was ok since many babies had done this but none were 11. He was then just sitting there observing my stomach as it went up and down with his weight as i breathe. He then climbed on my t*** and told me to apologise to him. I refused politely and tried to make him understand but wouldn't have any of it and just bounced on my t*** and repeated himself. I tried explaining again he just bounced again. I then apologized as i had nothing to lose.
He then told me that i m his puppet and i shall listen as he said. I again refused politely but he again bounced on my chest. So i agreed. He then got up, and sat on my belly again. I then closed my eyes as i thought that he would think i am defeated and get up. I then felt the weight going off. Then i felt as if he was tickling me. I opened my eyes again and saw as he had unbuttoned my pink shirt and lifted my vest exposing my sweet stomach to the chill air he then sat on my waist and was tickling and punching my soft stomach as if to assert dominance. I then tried getting him off and getting up but he quickly jumpstood on my bare belly with his cold feet sinking into my warm stomach and then went up my chest. I then layed down and he jumped from my chest and sat in my belly. He then started playing with his toys using my stomach as a playground and my chest as a seat.
He then got off and the time was 11:30 he was there sitting on me for 2.5 hrs.
I then gave him food. And at 4 or something he again wanted to sit, i layed down this time on the floor, he again unbuttoned my shirt and he got on the sofa and jumped from his sofa onto my belly and would just stare into my eyes everytime he landed as i was just taking his full weight at his mercy. I told him to tone down on the jumps. He then took a last jump from a high chair and jumped down and landed square on my belly button. I was shouted a small OOW. He then just sat there and was again playing with his toys using my body to his imagination.
This happened like 2 or 3 years ago and even when i go to babysit him, he always wants to sit on me, these times completely removing my shirt, i started enjoying this after like the first 5 -6 times and now when i go i myself lay down
With a bare belly at his mercy.

May 20

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  • Reminds me of a movie I saw years ago. Low-budget, just bad but you were into it so watched it. Girl in her late teens or early 20s was sitting for a baby and maybe 3 year old, but the older, mid-teen brother was also home and first asked her to see and take off her bra. She teased but didn't, then walked away swaying her ass. Little while later, the kid and his friend chased her and were tickling her against the kitchen wall and worked her shirt and bra off, grabbing her t*** but not taking it further (as expected to see, some sort of sexual activity). She was screaming and ran off, trying to cover up, but you could still see her perky, ample t*** as she ran out a door.

    The boys, btw, ended up dead from some machine thing in the movie. As stated, awful movie, bad acting, but the boys did have the babysitter topless and at their mercy. Was fun to watch.

  • Name of the movie


  • Why do people read this and write down some sad and strange responses to your baby sitting story?
    This could be true.
    I baby say a kid and he flushed gokf b**** down the toilet.
    Do i yook him out side and tied him to a tree and acted like i went inside ans i then touched him with leaves and twigs. Ehen i let him gi i tokd him not to tell his parents. His Mom said he has never been do well behaved. One day he told his parents aboyt what i did. I figured he would. But he was a realky good kid for 2 weeks.
    And that really happened!!!!!!

  • Double BULLSHITT

  • You still baby sit 3 years later he would be 14. He needs a babysitter?

  • So you'r a disgusting f****** pedo who should be shot between your eye's dude.
    Don't even start with I'm a female because we all know you as the stupid belly sitting perverted A$$hole! Guy!

  • I mean why reply if u aint even bothered by this post, u just wasted your own time

  • Pedo posts bother 99.9999% of people here A******

  • You belong to the zoo

  • Cruel reply-keep it for yourself. love life - enjoy s**

  • The reply fit the story A$$hole! Leave children alone!

  • I am a girl 17 and last weekend i had to babysit a 14 year old girl whose parents went out of town from friday night untill sunday afternoon! The girl had been acting up and getting into trouble the week before and her parents were using diaper punishment on her! I had to make sure that she didnt take of her cloth diaper and plastic pants,so i had to watch her every minute!

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