The weird way the neighbor woman held me

When I was a boy there was a woman next door. Sometimes I visited her and watched TV with her. This woman was 40ish, and she didn't have any kids. So it worked out well for everyone. She enjoyed having me around, and my mom knew I was with this woman. In fact my mom often asked this woman to babysit me.

But here's the thing. This neighbor woman would hold me on her lap while we were watching TV. And this woman always held me abnormally tight.

She would hold me with her large firm hands clasped over my stomach. And her hands would be sunk back into the soft of my stomach more than an inch deep. She would be holding my stomach in farther than I could've caved it in if I sucked in my gut.

I liked getting held this way. So I sat on this woman's lap a lot.

And if I squirmed around, I would suddenly find that now she was holding my stomach in even tighter than before. And then she would keep her hands ratcheted back into my stomach that tight. So sometimes I squirmed around on her lap on purpose, just to get her to hold me tighter.

One day while she was holding me extra tight like this, I came right out and asked her to hold my stomach in even tighter, "just as tight as you can!" Suddenly I found my stomach held in tighter than ever.

"You mean like that?"

"No, even tighter!" My stomach was suddenly cinched in even tighter yet.

"Is that tight enough?"

"No, even TIGHTER, just as TIGHT as you can!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just as TIGHT as you CAN!!!"

She chuckled. "Ok, you asked for it..." Suddenly I found my stomach wrenched back in so inhumanly ultra-tight that it felt like white-hot arc welding in the pit of my stomach. She was holding my stomach in so horrifically tight that it felt like she was about to break me in half. And she kept on holding me that tight while we watched TV. And I just loved it!

From then on this neighbor woman always held me SUPER tight like that. I didn't even have to ask her. Any time I sat on her lap I would find her large smooth work-hardened hands automatically constricted back into my stomach all the way, just as absolutely tight as it could get.

This went on whenever this woman and I were alone together. Looking back, I sometimes wonder what was going on between us anyhow.

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  • If you are still there this the guy you was talking to!

  • Yeah, I'm still here... :-)

  • I take it from your silence you have took the young girl out or even more?

  • So is there anything between you and the mum?

  • Now that you have grown up do you the same thing to your wife,how does she feels?

  • My wife knows how I love being held abnormally tight, and she knows how it got started with this neighbor woman when I was young. So my wife will hold me from behind with her hands sunk back MUCH TOO TIGHT into my stomach, like she's squeezing me in two. And I'm just lost in ecstasy, and it often leads to mad hot s**.

  • She had a navel fetish

  • It sure seems something was driving her. I mean from the very beginning, before I ever even asked her, holding my stomach in more than an inch almost like a tourniquet...

    How was that any normal way of holding a boy on her lap?

  • Hugging some one so tight gives us some sought of peace i don't know really which she use to feel it. You too had a very delicious time with her. I keep on kissing my girls navel and front hole. We go on like this without intercourse for hours.

  • Yes when the neighbor woman held my stomach in tight it gave me a very peaceful feeling. And I'm sure it did something for her too.

    This went on in the grades, from some time in 1st grade through the summer after 5th grade. The incident where I got her to hold me INSANELY TIGHT was toward the end of 3rd grade, and it was as if that gave her a green light, because forever after that incident she ALWAYS held my stomach in just INSANELY TIGHT automatically without even asking. That felt peaceful, ecstatic, exultant, serene, like I was in a trance.

    Of course my mom never knew about the way the neighbor woman was holding me, I wonder how my mom would've felt about this neighbor and frequent babysitter if she'd known! My mom would drop me off, and she wouldn't be gone 3 minutes before I'd be sitting on the neighbor woman's lap, getting my guts squashed in HELLISHLY TIGHT.

  • Some of us are just weird kids. I was taken to buy new shoes once and the lady did them up insanely tight. It was painful but I liked it. I used to then tie my shoes real tight end see how long I could stand the pain

  • Yes, "insanely tight"! At first this neighbor woman was in the habit of holding my stomach in abnormally tight, more than an inch, I guess that was her own thing. Then that one time I got her to hold my stomach in INSANELY TIGHT, and after that she ALWAYS automatically held my stomach in INSANELY TIGHT, so painfully INSANELY TIGHT that the pit of my stomach was on fire and it couldn't possibly get any tighter, and I liked it and thought it was just great.

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