I don't know how to forgive you.

I love you so much, but it's everyday. It's everyday I think back and remember how much you didn't try, how much you didn't love me enough. You chose your "friend" over me. Your friend who touched you too much, who would lay in your bed when they "needed" support. Your "friend" who mocked both of us for being q****. The bestie who said I was your phase, who said I was the "place you got your d*** wet." You told me her feelings mattered more then mine. You put me second to someone who thought I was second class. You didn't protect me. And now the two of you don't speak. But that doesn't right all the wrongs. I'm not healed yet, and I don't know how to heal.

May 29, 2021

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  • It is indeed difficult to cope with it ... Life goes on with sufferings ...

  • I know how you can heal. Get rid of this guy and find someone else better. If he did all this it wouldn't be that hard of a task.

  • To bad that you got that hurt in the relationship and that when you brought it to his attention that he didn't pay attention to you.
    Maybe he grew up since then!!!

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