It was lunch break at school, and a group of about 20 of us boys, whome were aged about 13, or 14, were in the gymnasium minding our own business playing crab football, which meant we were all lying on our backs like crabs, kicking a ball from one end to another. The from nowhere this trio of females walked in, moaning about the time we were taking, and the noise we were making. They had prefect badges on their school cardigans, they were about 15, in a higher year to us, and they took our ball and began to play with it. We stayed on the floor, while they ran about us, annoying us lads. They thought they were in charge. Most of us were going to give up, and leave, but suddenly 2 of the bigger lads lifted their legs, thus tripping one of them over, causing her to fall on top of us, and instantly got grabbed by us, the two others whom tried to help her, were also dragged to the floor. They screached as our hands began to wonder, and tickle them. Within seconds with our fingers working on them, each in different parts of the room, they were laughing and shouting for us to stop, promising to leave them alone, but we wasn't listening. All of a sudden one voicefrom within the mellee shouted
"STRIP THE B******"
followed by,
Within seconds of this, we all went crazy on them. There were about 6 boys on each girl, we could hear tears and rips, and screaches, as we went about our task of stripping them absolutely naked. Up to then many of us, had never seen a naked real life female before. We didn't mess about. It was good fun, we pinned our victim to the floor, as hands fiddle and undid buttons, hands draggedtheir flimsey school skirts down their legs, We were racing with the 2 other groups to get our's naked first. While i took her plimpsoles off her naked feet, fingers had already loosened their cardigans and blouses, and were dragging them over their heads, mean while other groups were well ahead of us, as they hurled the other girls clothes through the air, they cheered, as a pair of knickers found their way over a light shade, still the girls screamed, We could see the other 2 already naked, with t*** and hairy p****** out, while ours was putting up more of a fight, but a few other boys joined us, and unclasped her bra, ans we finally dragged her panties down, and before they knew it, all 3 of them had been pinned to the floor as naked as the day they were born. We didn't do anything, just oggled at their nakedness. We tickled them rigid, on their feet, bodies, i think they wanted to cry, but laughter was everywhere.
Time was running out, and it was time to get back to lessons, so we let them up, chased them around a few more times, to cries of
Screaching they ran off towards the girls changing room end, and slam the door behind them.
For some strange reason, nothing was said, but it did bear consiquences, as on my way home from scvhool a few weeks later, i decided to take a short cut, and them plus quite a few other girls jumped out on me,
One commanded. With that, they chased me and between them managed to drag me into a bush, and they really did stripped me completly naked, shoes socks, shirt tie trousers, pants the lot. I didn't stand a chance.
As I sat naked amongst my empty clothing, they were laughing. I had never been so shocked, and naked in front of so many people, all at once in my life.
Some of them threatend to run off with my clothes, but after pleading with them, they left my trousers, and my shoes and socks, so i could walked home.
I couldn't believe this would ever happened to me. I am not sure if it happened to any of the other lads, but, it happened to me.
The End.

Jun 26, 2021

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  • I know this is fake and all but if it actually happened, you deserved the retaliation you got

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