I was too young for a boyfriend and got to know my stepdad at the same time. Hitting puberty you find the world has more to offer. Mom was not around much and my new father helped erase her absensce. So we were best friends and tight. I got my first kiss at 13. Around 14 of 15 we started having regular intercourse. 8 years later we are still together. Around 17 mom ran off with a looser guy.
Thanks for allowing me to share my hardship

Jul 10

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  • People tend to forget that prior to a century ago it was common for women around the age of puberty to be bearing children. It's also possibly the most common form of relationships since the beginning of time, which is probably why something like 90% of men find ages 13-15 most attractive when asked anonymously. The reality of things is that it's natural, and not demeaning or harmful as society and media would lead one to think.

  • I am addicted and cannot pull away, so I share a similar situation. You like it but know you shouldn't. I think if the right man would come along, I would have to tell dad goodbye.

  • Idk... Sounds fake.

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