Kidnapped bound and gagged part 3

So Samantha and her husband George managed to get themselves untied and Samantha and George said ok we are now going to keep you held hostage until your wife Amy returns and when she does we will overpower her and have her bound and gagged beside you at our mercy and they said once we have her bound and gagged beside you we will begin torturing you both until your families start paying the ransom money that we will demand from them as your kidnappers and George handed his wife Samantha some earplugs and a black hood and said to her render him deaf dumb and blind and then we can wait until his wife comes back and we will grab her and tie her up and Samantha said ok George I will get the earplugs in his ears and the black hood over his head and with that she advanced on me and put the earplugs in my ears and the black hood over my head to render me deaf , dumb and blind and after about 2 hours my wife Amy entered the building and she was grabbed by George and his wife Samantha and bound and gagged by both of them they then rendered her deaf , dumb and blind and left the building and closed the door and padlocked it shut behind them and then they left and got in their car and left the empty abandoned warehouse leaving myself and my wife Amy bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind as hostages at their mercy

Jul 13, 2021

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