A visit to the art gallery leaves me bound and gagged again

Yesterday morning I went and visited my mother while she was working at the art gallery and it was so quiet and so I asked her if she could have me ** and gagged in the basement below the art gallery and she said good idea and with that she said to Marion Brooke can you please take my son Robert downstairs to the basement and get him bound and gagged and rendered deaf , dumb and blind please and with that Marion Brooke took out a small black handgun and pointed it at me and ordered me to walk down the stairs to the basement at gunpoint and when we got to the basement I saw a row of 12 other people bound and gagged and rendered deaf , dumb and blind and Marion Brooke grabbed an empty chair from the corner of the room and dragged it over beside the other chairs and ordered me to sit down and place my hands behind the chair and my legs against the chair legs and with that she got to work tying up my hands and feet before also putting rope around my chest and stomach to keep me ** properly and after about 5 minutes my mother arrived in the basement from the gallery above with a pair of ** and a roll of tape and a pair of earplugs and a black hood and she said ok open up nice and wide and with that she put her ** in my mouth and quickly got to work putting the tape over my mouth to keep me quiet once that was done Marion Brooke grabbed the earplugs and put them in my ears one by one and then my mother picked up the black hood and advanced to put the black hood over my head and she said say goodnight and once that was done my mother and Marion Brooke left the basement and shut the door and padlocked it shut and went back upstairs to the gallery and got on with the rest of their day of work

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I enjoy looking and dressing like a baby

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