Arrived at the art gallery only to be bound and gagged again pt2

So after putting the black hood over my head I felt my female kidnappers leave the room and shut the door behind them and padlocked it shut realising that myself and the other hostages were now bound and gagged in a sound proof basement rendered deaf dumb and blind by our captors and about 3 hours later I heard lots of movement around me and then suddenly felt the door slam shut again but 10 minutes later the door opened again and Kaitlin and Lynda approached me and took the black hood over my head off and the earplugs out of my ears and the tape over my mouth off and Kaitlin and Lynda said ok as you can see we have moved all the other hostages out except for you we are going to keep you for a little bit longer but first we need to contact your mother Narelle and get our staff members back and once we have them back we will be getting rid of you and by that we mean that we are going to bury you alive in a box in the ground where nobody will ever find you and don't worry you will be bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind in the box in the ground after we force you to dig your own grave but for now we need to get you gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind again for a while so that we can try and get our staff members back before we get rid of you because right now you are just a bargaining tool as a hostage now open wide so that we can put a clean handkerchief in your mouth before we put fresh duct tape over your mouth and then we can render you deaf dumb and blind with earplugs and the black hood over your head before we leave for the night and just as they were leaving Lynda turned on her own daughter Kaitlin and took her hostage to be kept bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind beside me for the night

Next Confession

I have a boyfriend, I think?

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