Kidnapped bound and gagged part 2

So now my mother narelle has ordered me to strip until I'm wearing just my underpants and once I am then her and Maddy are going to tie me up and gag me again and render me deaf dumb and blind so I have stripped down to just my underpants and now my mother has just ordered me to sit on the chair again and her and Maddy are getting ready to bound and gag me again now she is tying my legs against the chair legs with rope and Maddy has just gone back upstairs to wait for my mother leaving my mother to tie me up and gag me again and now my mother is getting ready to tie my hands behind the chair with rope and also around my chest and stomach to tie my back to the chair that's done now she is getting ready with my earplugs and the duct tape it looks like very soon I will be gagged and rendered deaf again before having the black hood over my head to render me deaf dumb and blind as well as bound and gagged and my mother narelle has just told me that her and my other kidnappers Alice and Maddy have decided that I will be their soul hostage for the next 6 months bound and gagged at their mercy and my mother said we will be starting torture next week with burning your skin with cigarette butts while we have you bound and gagged which is fun for us ladies but not for you and she said for the moment I'm just going to put this black hood over your head and then I'm going to leave the room and shut the door and padlock it shut behind me and then Maddy and I will leave you here for 6 weeks and come back and check on you then and she said got to go now and with that she left the room and she shut the door of the room and padlocked it shut and went back upstairs and Maddy said ok narelle let's get out of here and my mother replied absolutely let's get out of here he is bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind and nobody except us ladies actually know that he is bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind so nobody will rescue him and Maddy replied that's exactly right Narelle nobody will be rescuing him and we will get to kill him soon enough anyway and my mother narelle replied that's right Maddy

Jul 13, 2021

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