Arrived at the art gallery only to be bound and gagged again

Yesterday morning I arrived at the art gallery with the phone that my mother Narelle and Marion Brooke gave me and I went to the desk and spoke to a lovely Young Lady named Lynda and all of a sudden she took the phone from me and it started ringing in her hand and she answered it and when she got off the phone she went behind the desk and pulled out a little black hand pistol just as she did her daughter Kaitlin appeared and walked back past me and shut the front door of the art gallery and padlocked it shut she then pulled black blinds down over the door and windows and turned the gallery lights on and Lynda said so they have taken 12 of my staff hostage I think it's only fair that we take Narelle's son hostage and she said ok Kaitlin take him downstairs to the basement and put him with the others so Kaitlin took the gun from her mother Lynda and pointed it at my back and ordered me to walk down the stairs behind the desk and when we got to the basement I could see a row of 12 other chairs with men and women who were bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind and Lynda dragged another empty wooden back chair and ordered me to take a seat and sit up straight and put my legs against the chair legs and my hands behind the chair and Kaitlin put the gun down and grabbed some rope and got to work tying up my hands behind the chair while her mother Lynda got to work tying my legs against the chair legs with rope once that was done Lynda said ok Kaitlin can you please go and get me some more duct tape , some earplugs and a black hood and after about 10 minutes Kaitlin came back with what her mother Lynda had asked for and Kaitlin approached me and she said ok Young Man open up nice and wide for me and she shoved a handkerchief into my mouth and she immediately put duct tape over my mouth while her mother Lynda got to work putting the Earplugs in my ears next Kaitlin advanced on me with the black hood and said ok say goodnight and with that she put the black hood over my head and put duct tape around it to keep it in place so here i was bound and gagged and rendered deaf dumb and blind by two female kidnappers not knowing what was about to happen to me or to my fellow hostages

Next Confession

Can't forgive and forget.

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  • You've a long way to go before you become a mystery writer.

  • I would think that it would be hard to type with your hands tied behind your back.

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