I want my girlfriend to sleep with other guys how should I tell h

I want to confess that I've been dating this girl for 4 years and she's cheated on me a couple times and everytime I think about it I like it and want her to keep f****** and having s** with other guys instead of me and cuck me and let me watch sometimes I want to tell her this how should I do it? Should I do it at all?

Jul 18

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  • Your an idiot . You start by undressing her. Massage her rub her stroke her putty. Then during this time you say , " hey honey what would you think about introducing another man to our little scenario. " Simple and direct . She may flip out or she may surprise you and say, " really another man ? " Then the ball is in your court. What do you have to lose. I know one man who did this and his wife threatened divorce . He never mentioned it again. Now he has one night stands with men by himself. In my case my wife was receptive to the idea. From time to time we engage with others or she does on her own. I let her decide when, and whom. Good luck brother.

  • I think she will be surprised and say no. Maybe watching some video content that she can see it may help

  • I'd go for it if I were you. She might be into it and then it's the best for both worlds!

  • Feel her out I'd she is game when you are h****

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