Unvaccinated idiots

Why we strive to cure people with COVID when they refused vaccine in the first place. Let them go with the virus they like. Un vaccinated people contribute to the spread of the disease and spread rumors. We still love them some how. what do you think?

Aug 5, 2021

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  • How many people in nursing homes, those being admitted to hospitals or work in defense, have been maimed or passed away from having the covid-19 vaccine?
    What are people really dying from?

  • If that is your stance, then everyone that gets fat and has a heart attack because they have an unhealthy lifestyle also should be allowed to die. They caused the problem by eating like a pig. Your argument is based on hatred rather than logic. If we want the freedoms to eat what we want, or to use the drugs we want, then we best not condemn other people's choices. Unless you're a fascist.

  • If you want to have the Covid-19 vaccine, it is entirely your choice.
    Do you know the long term side effects of this vaccine?
    This vaccine was rushed.
    Even if you have had the double vaccine mandate, it does not mean that you have 'bullet proof' immunity.
    You could be vaxxed and still be a silent carrier and transmit the virus onto the vulnerable.
    The policies are not congruent with real science.
    Do you know if you are being jabbed with a loaded or unloaded gun?
    If you believe it offers you superior immunity against the virus, then by all means go for it!
    People who have not been vaccinated and have had the covid-19 virus, have not died from it!
    Why don't all the stakeholders concerned, explain the real TRUTH about why people are passing away?
    This virus is the cousin of the common cold however, those stakeholders involved have made it bigger than what it is! There are more people dying from the draconian policies than the Covid-19.
    Getting fat is a choice.
    Injecting an mRNA vaccine into our body and not knowing the short/long term effects is like playing Russian Roulette with one’s health.
    How many have died from the vaccine and how many get reported to VAERS?
    You would not know because the data is flawed and not many clinicians or health professionals report it.
    It is coincidental when someone suffers from and adverse drug/vaccine reaction or dies.
    People with so many comorbidities and a long list of medicines/vaccines are passing away.

  • To all you nay sayers they should have put cameras in the icu's at hospitals where I work as a nurse. You would have seen people of all ages begging doctors and nurses to save their lives when they where going to be intubated on a ventilator. And It was realized that they weren't going to survive. You would see me or another nurse holding a tablet to iPad over their heads so their families could say goodbye to them. And when their heart stopped you would see me turn off the ventilator and they stop getting oxygen. Pulling the vent off their intubation tube and cover them with a sheet. and someone else taking them right out of the room for the next patient to go on the vent.

    As for the vaccine as of yesterday we have 67 unvaccinated patients in the hospital 27 on ventilators and have lost 6 people to covid-19. With the exception of one child all of the patients could have been vaccinated over 2 months ago. We only had two elderly patients that where vaccinated get covid on this third round of spikes in covid but both survived with out being in ICU.

    As the vaccine is mandatory in our hospital not one member of our staff working on the covid floors has contracted Covid-19 on this round. We lost one nurse and one housekeeper to covid on the first round of this nightmare. I am still doing my job to try to save these patients who didn't get vaccinated but I'm looking at them differently then the others before. Because they choose not to be vaccinated thinking covid is a joke or don't believe they have it. That is starting to get on my nerves because I'm getting tired of treating stupid.
    I don't care if you believe this or not because everything is the truth and nothing you can say will change that.

  • Yes, put cameras on all you murderers! Some of you healthcare workers are going to H***!

  • How many people are really passing away due to Covid 19?
    Some of you crooks who work in hospitals are not documenting deaths correctly.
    Some of you health care workers are murderers!
    Unless you provide the proof and evidence, I will not believe what some of you health workers blurt out of your mouths.
    We are suffering form a media pandemic and those spreading misinformation should be ashamed of themselves.

  • At the hospital I work at, we have 12 Covid patients, all but two are fully vaccinated.

  • Really!

  • Shut up and go do your TikTok dance

  • Where is the proof and evidence that Un vaccinated people contribute to the spread of the disease and spread rumors. Please don't p*** on my leg and tell me it's raining!
    How many people have died or been maimed having the Covid 19 vaccine?
    Sadly, it does not make the headlines.

  • The fact is that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread covid-19.
    The vaccinated people can come in contact with the virus it gets in through the nasal passages and can live there for days after exposure and a transmit the virus. In vaccinated people as the virus enters the body the immune system kills it and most of them don't get it. For the ones who do it is like a cold.
    As for people dying from being vaccinated there has only been a few people very low compared to the amount of people vaccinated. Anaphylactic shock being the number one cause of death. But it is no higher than getting a flue shot. Thats why they make patients stay for fifteen to thirty minutes after each shot.
    As for the vaccine there is NO COVID-19 IN THE VACCINE. The vaccines are made by computer simulated DNA trigger points of the virus that can be sent to another computer around the world. The trigger points are parts of the virus that the immune system recognizes in covid-19. It is harvested in eggs and in less than a week you have a vaccine. Thats why you are asked if you are allergic to eggs the most common cause of anaphylactic shock in vaccines.

    On the first and second rounds of covid cases I was working on an average of 60 plus hours a week treating patients and trying to save everyone we could. Five 12 hour shifts a week was all we where allowed to work but a lot of those shifts where more like 15-16 hour shifts.

    So you don't spew your BULLSHITT all over me and all the healthcare workers everyone including housekeeping that busted their a$$'s in this nightmare. Especially those who died or lost loved one's who got covid from them.

    In over 32 years of nursing I have seen more deaths from covid-19 than I did working all those years. You don't want the vaccine that's your choice! But when you are gasping for air because you have covid, don't bother calling 911 or going to the hospital because of your choice. SUCKit up at home and die if that's the way it's going be.

  • The Covid 19 tests are flawed!

  • You talk absolute nonsense! You misconstrue the facts and manipulate and distort the truth. Wishing death upon anyone is despicable! Some of you health care workers are murderers! You use your profession to make yourself look like heroes. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves! You have nothing but blood on your hands!

  • Vaccinated or unvaccinated it does not matter. The vaccine doesn't do anything to help any variants which are all that exist now. If your vaccinated, congratulations, your choice your body, if your unvaccinated congratulations, your choice your body. If you can't stand living in a free country and would rather trade safety for liberty, you deserve neither, and should move to a more controlled more oppressed nation.

  • Talking gibberish again..............................................!

  • You F****** idiot.
    What virus?

    Idiots like you should be HANG

  • You mean, FAKE virus?
    I am perfectly fine I don't need FAKE vaccine.

  • I think you are an idiot

  • You're ignoring the 2 million+ people who had the virus, beat it and are still walking around with natural immunity that may be (depending on which government agency you believe) as good if not better than what you get from the vaccine. Many of those millions are unvaccinated but less likely to spread the disease than you are.

  • And you are missing the 900,000 plus people who died from it in the USA alone. And that's a severely underrated figure as a lot more death weren't recorded as covid deaths. Especially in nursing homes.

  • Indeed, tell us the truth and let us know what they really died from?

  • This is idiot is forgetting the numbers are coming out..the dumb f**** who took the experimental jab, are the super spreaders...talk about ironic

  • Funny how vaccinated people can spread the virus and the survival rate is 99.96% its a political move u dumb f u ck

  • I work at a hospital in the 5th largest populous city in the US. As of now, approximately 70% of our hospitalized Covid patients are fully vaccinated. Do with that info what you will, but it's the facts.

  • BS facts!

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