Is my stepson infatuated with his own mother?

So Ive been with my gf for a little more than a year now and I’ve noticed some things that don’t sit well with me, her and her son’s bond. He’s 4 yrs old. Now I get the bond that parents and their kids share, yea cause my mom is my best friend. But their bond idk I find to be a little too much.
Let me start by saying, I have to ask my girl “where’s my kiss” after about 20 mins of her being home or just random times throughout the day. Her excuse is she’s not all about the kissing. But then again she also doesn’t run her hands through my hair or caress me or any of that affection s*** that’s supposed to be between couples that create intimacy. She’ll do it with her son though. No hesitation either. Sometimes she’ll lay her head in his lap where he’ll sway his hand back n forth on her arm. He puts his arm around her neck for her to be cozy on his belly or chest. Mind you I’m right next to her the whole time. The very first time we caught his playing with himself (yes he had a full erection and was making groaning sounds) while laying right next to her when she was sleeping. Not long after, a couple days later, he did it again. And again it was when he was laying next to her. I’ve told her that I feel he might not see you as his mother and might be in fact infatuated with you. She called me sick. But yet they have this thing where they have to kiss each other on the forehead, both sides of cheeks, nose and the chin all in one go. She’ll do it to him first and then he’ll do it back. I honestly don’t feel right when they do all that. I get you know, giving your child a lot of pecks on the cheeks and having them lay their head in your lap while you play with their hair but this is quite the opposite. He’s tried multiple times to kiss her on the mouth. Just the other day, he tried licking her ear to get her attention. On top of everything, the most disturbing moment I’ve caught him was when he was in his room watching baby cartoons, pants and underwear’s half down his ass, shirt held under his chin and both his hands playing with his s*** and that s*** was a full b****. Wtf 4 yr old knows how to full on play with themselves. I understand kids get curious but to full blown be there jerking yourself with not 1 hand but both. I’m fully disturbed by the situation cause it tends to happen frequently. We’ve taught him not to touch down there and he doesn’t care. He’s a disobedient little shot who’s also a momma’s boy. We’ve been teaching him this whole past year and he just refuses to do anything unless mommy’s holding his hand. He’s also smart but plays dumb af. But I still stand with what I said and that’s he’s infatuated with his own mom.

Feb 11, 2021

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  • This is very bizarre behaviour...I don't have my own kids but I too would be pretty freaked out by it...The kid clearly has mother issues..Just monitor the situation.

  • You may be tight but there is normally a strong bond between mother and son. It may lead to sexual activities or it may fizzle out. But I would just see what happens rather than interfering and try not to worry.

  • My 3 year old daughter often climbed into bed with my wife and myself. One morning, without any pressure from me or my wife, she started rubbing my rod, and then commenced to suck it until I came off in her mouth. When she finished swallowing, she said, "Am I as good as Mummy, Daddy?" I could only nod. This happened on numerous mornings, until she was 8 years old, and I had a full sexual relationship with her. Her c**-hole was so tight that I came in a matter of minutes.

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