God help me

I’m not sure if I can handle my brother anymore. It’s gotten the point where he legitimately scares me. He tried to knock my door down while I was having a breakdown he caused. Besides that, he’s done other things like screaming at me in a car because I have my own interests. And I’m just scared to stand up to him. His main responses are that no one will ever be as honest as he is or that I’ll miss this when I die. I told my mother yet she doesn’t believe me or call out his behaviour. Mainly cause she hasn’t seen some of the abuse and that he’s her son. I’m not sure how much I can take this anymore because him living here is becoming more poisonous.

Aug 17, 2021

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  • Sounds like your bro has serious control issues. Is there a grandparent you can live with. Get away from him so he does not hurt you and demand that he gets help. This is not normal and can be dangerous!!!

  • Don’t ask god to help you…get yourself a nice big 2x4 and beat his ass. I recommend a length of 1.5-3 feet so that you can swing quickly without needing too much room. Or get a high-powered taser and zap that piece of s*** to his knees, then kick him right in the nuts.

  • Why would tell a person to cut themselves off from all spiritual help?????

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